eye injures from swim goggles

I have been swimming on and off for over 50 years. I have developed some eye issuses and have asked my Ophthalmologist
whether the pressure from my goggles could be responsible. He has said no. Other Ophthalmologists also say no. Have any of you our there in the pool experienced this or am I just completely wrong?


  • KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

    @Martin, not sure what kind of eye issues you are experiencing, and I'm sorry to hear you are having them at all! Commenting only to say that I've had to switch from foam goggles (back in the day) to the Swedish style due to skin irritation, and I've found that loosening my goggles has greatly reduced headaches during long swims.
    Most of my changes to eyesight, however, have come from being stuck inside behind a computer desk for the majority of the day instead of enjoying my days outside swimming!
    Hope you get the answers you seek soon!

  • I will say that my eye doctor says that your eyes do swell when you swim....not exactly sure why, though.
    And...that's why sometimes I have trouble seeing after I swim....because the swelling actually affects how my eyes focus underneath the contacts I'm wearing.

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