Open Water Swimming Las Vegas Area

BHillBHill Des Moines, IAMember

I will be in Las Vegas from September 20th thru the 24th and was wondering if anyone had experience with Open Water swimming in the area. I know Lake Mead is close by and that seems to be the popular spot to swim was hoping for any advice or if anyone wanted to meet up for a swim!



  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member

    Bumping this old thread due to my pending trip to Las Vegas next week. Any suggestions on places to get open water in?

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  • sarahcassidysarahcassidy Las Vegas, NVMember

    Boulder Beach at Lake Mead! There are buoys separating the swimming area of Boulder Beach from the rest of Lake Mead, making that swimming area off limits to boats and jet skis. I use the buoys as markers to guide me as I swim back and forth inside the marked area. If you join the Las Vegas Triathlon Club group on Facebook, you can post the date and time you'll be at Boulder Beach, and other people may join you. I'll be out of town until March 15, but would be happy to join you for a swim after that. I try not to swim at Boulder Beach by myself for safety reasons, so I'd appreciate company. I also have two neon-colored swim buoys to wear for swimming, you can borrow one of them.

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