Vocab question

For the British/Australians.......

What's a "lido"?

Is it.....
a pool with lanes, lane lines, etc. -- that's exclusively outside?
Another name for an indoor pool of similar description?
An outdoor venue in which to swim, that's roped off in some way, but without straight black lines on the bottom?

I keep seeing that term in articles and online......
but am not really sure what exactly it is....
except, that water is involved.

Thanks, your friendly clueless American.


  • KarenTKarenT Charter Member

    Lido refers to an outdoor pool and associated grounds. Some are ‘leisure’ shapes designed for dipping and paddling, often with lawns etc for sunbathing and lazing about; others are clearly designed for lane swimming. Some (like my local, Ilkley Lido) combine both. But being outdoors is the key thing.

  • Sara_WolfSara_Wolf Member
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    LOVE learning new terms!

  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNMember

    @KarenT are the lidos generally unheated as well?

  • Ooh @KarenT and I share a local lido :)

    I agree with her definition, the additional outside area also separates lidos from outdoor pools. Some lidos are heated and some are not.

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