Rottnest Channel Swim v Port to Pub: Diverging on Allowed Equipment

In the last 24h, I've seen 1 communication each; 1st from Port to Pub on instagram (link below) and 2nd an email update from RCS. The 1st from PTP states that wetsuits are allowed in any category except the 25km (which means the 19.7km event is open to wetsuits!). The 2nd communication from RCS was a note clarifying that watches (and earphones) are not permitted (was always the case, but apparently there was some confusion over the matter).

What a shame from PTP! Guess they are trying to grab market share from the triathletes. Congratulations to RCS for not pandering to the same!



  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaSenior Member

    becoming a sort of oceanman

  • From the Port to Pub website (

    1.FINA Rules for open water swimming apply to the 19.7km and 25km ultra-marathon, in regards to swim suits, feeding and drafting. FINA rules may change from time to time. It is the responsibility each swimmer to ensure compliance.

    2.Solos (19.7km only), duos, teams of 4 and teams of 6 categories may swim with assistance (wetsuit), but will not be recorded as ratified swims, and are not eligible for Port to Pub or RCS number plates, or prizes.

  • so on instagram they say wetsuit is fine, but the rules say if you do it, there is no result. they should prob clarify that. might be some disappointed wetsuit swimmers.

  • abeabe australiaMember

    swimming 19.7km or 25km at these events should not have wetsuits

  • jaimie072jaimie072 perthNew Member

    @abe said:
    swimming 19.7km or 25km at these events should not have wetsuits

    I agree. Not sure what the point would be.

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