Pre-Catalina Shake Out Swim Location?

KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

Hi all- I did a search and didn't find anything related to this, so I ask for forgiveness if I've overlooked something already posted. :)

I'm hoping to get a few shake-out swims in the weekend of my Catalina attempt (August). Can anyone recommend good spots to hop in around the greater Long Beach area?

Thanks so much!


  • KatieBunKatieBun CornwallSenior Member

    I did mine at Redondo Beach, Katie. Easy parking and access and plenty of good places to refuel.

  • abbygirlroseabbygirlrose Los Angeles and Palo Alto, CASenior Member

    Depends on where you are staying! Redondo is nice as is Manhattan if thats convenient. If farther north, Santa Monica tower 26 is my personal favorite. If you are staying in Cabrillo/LA Harbor area, outer Cabrillo beach can be beautiful

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    In a pinch you can swim at the outdoor, temporary 50 m pool at Belmont Shores in Long Beach. It is right on the beach. One of these days I'll make it there. I have fond memories of the old Belmont Shores pool.

  • KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

    Aw, thanks everyone! Really appreciate the suggestions. We are literally staying in downtown Long Beach so I think we have just about all options open to us. :) I need to go back and reference my maps.

    @JustSwim, I totally remember the old Belmont Pool. That facility was AWESOME. Great views, great location, and we always loved going to meets there.

    Thank you again!

  • abbygirlroseabbygirlrose Los Angeles and Palo Alto, CASenior Member

    @Katie, Outer Cabrillo is not far!

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