Chicago Lake Shore Swim

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Below is the current swim/safety plan for the solo 3 person tandem swim along the Chicago shore line next week

The swim will start between 6-7pm, on July 26th, for reduced Lake Michigan boat traffic

Chicago Lake Shore Swim Plan/Safety Plan

The aim of this swim is safety 1st

In alignment with this, the following will apply to our swim.

Firstly swimmers are complying with a version of channel rules of

1) 1 cap
2) 1 pair of goggles
3) one fabric suit not to extend past the knee.

Each swimmer will have a dedicated kayaker.

The kayaker at any time can stop the swim for their swimmer. There is no arguing this point with your kayaker.

Each swimmer will provide information in advance of the swim to include

Cell number
Emergency contact

This info will be available on the boat and shared with all crew in advance of the swim.

In a brown envelope each swimmer will provide brief medical history to include.

Healthcare info
Medical conditions
Any other pertinent info.

This info will be held on the boat.

The kayaker will provide feeding and navigation for the swimmer.

The swimmer will stay within 10 meters of kayak at all times.

The swimmers will stay withiin a reasonable distance of each other with the slowest swimmer setting the pace.

The swimmer may not touch the kayak unless ending their swim.

Each kayak will contain

1) a bilge and float
2) a whistle
3) a marine horn
4) headlight ( batteries or 2nd headlight too)
5) glow sticks attached at bow, stern, middle of kayak
6) Each kayaker will wear a PFD
7) PFD will have multiple glow sticks attached.
8) 12 hour glow sticks will be activated at dusk
9) each swimmer will have a light attached to the back of their goggles
10) each swimmer will have two lights attached to their shorts one at each hip.
11) each swimmer will wear different color lights for easy identification
(John- Green, Tom-Red, Sam-Blue)
11) each kayaker will have a walkie talkie for communication with the boats.

The swim will be supported by two safety boats

The captains of each safety boat have the right to call/cancel the swim at any point with no argument. The captains have final say above all crew and swimmers.

The boats will have access to marine radio, gps etc. The boats will be connected to Marine Radio channel 16

The boats will be flying flags indicating swimmers are in the water.

There will be a safety spot light provided by the swimmers on the boat.

The boat will have a minimum of captain, observer on each boat and 2 crew members for additional support.

A minimum of one person in each crew will have CPR and first aid experience

There will be a first aid kit on each boat. Please advise if you would like an inventory of items contained in first aid kit.

The swimmers will have a link tracking their swim and position.

Prior to the swim we will continue to communicate with each of the relevant parties which include

CPD marine unit
Fire dept air and water rescue
Chicago parks and beaches

If you have any other questions related to the plan above for safety on the solo swims, please contact me at



  • Copelj26Copelj26 ChicagoSenior Member

    I should say a version of channel swim rules

  • AzskiAzski ArizonaMember

    Well thought out plan. I like to have each escort kayak carry a PFD(life jacket) for the swimmer. Can be used as support to float on, or if possible swimmer can wear it while being towed by kayak. Reducing possibility of swimmer capsizing kayak. Also if swimmer is wearing PFD will provide "handles" for hoisting slippery,wet and greasy swimmer up and in onto rescue boat.

  • Copelj26Copelj26 ChicagoSenior Member

    Unfortunately after all the planning and what I considered to be quite a robust safety plan, the escort boats made the decision on Sunday that they did not feel they could adequately support the swimmers and crew safely due to a number of incidents that have occurred on lake Michigan in recent weeks driven by the high water levels. Obviously as you can imagine I am quite disappointing but on plus side i have all the contacts and requirements down to try again and always happy to share that info with anyone else who wants to give it a shot

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