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Congratulations to Pablo Fernández Álvarez on his swim from Punta San José (Nicaragua) to Meanguera del Golfo Island (El Salvador) in the Gulf of Fonseca, on January 25.

Documentation published here:



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    One of the more remarkable and adventurous marathon swims of recent times is Sarah Ferguson's swim around remote Easter Island. She completed the 60 km circumnavigation in 19 hours, 8 minutes on March 16.

    Sarah's team compiled fabulous documentation of the achievement, including stunning photography by Wofty Wild, now published at

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    WOW!!! This is a fantastic adventure. Wild, yet beautiful. Incredible achievement.

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    The latest MSF Documented Swim is Sarah Roberts' Round-Trip Angel Island swim on April 27. Sarah joins a short list who have completed this challenging swim of San Francisco Bay.

    Sarah's swim was piloted by Jim Bock, supported by David Roberts and Laura Hovden, and documented by Vanessa Lea. Congratulations!

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    The latest MSF Documented Swim: Eyal Schachner and Guy Cohen's tandem solo across the length of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) in Israel. 20.5 km in 6hr40m on March 22. Documentation now published at:

    Historical list:

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    New MSF Documented Swim: Jessi Harewicz's 16 km swim around Thormanby Island (British Columbia, Canada). Jessi is one of the most accomplished Salish Sea swimmers, having also completed swims around Bowen Island and across the Georgia Strait. Well done, Jessi and team!

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    Just in time for this weekend's return of the Atlantic City Around-the-Island swim, Elaine Kornbau Howley's solo Absecon Island swim is now published as a MSF Documented Swim. Elaine wrote an entertaining and compelling narrative to accompany the documentation.

    Congrats to Elaine and her team including lead observer Susan Kirk.

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    Karen Zemlin's 20-mile swim across Mille Lacs Lake (the 2nd largest inland lake in Minnesota) has been published at:

    This is actually the second time Karen has completed this swim, after a simultaneous solo with her father in 2007. But this time she documented it! Nicely done, Karen and team.

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    Way to go, Karen Z!!!

    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

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    Congratulations to the 16th, 17th, and 18th swimmers to complete San Francisco Bay's Round-Trip Angel Island. Documentation published at the links below:

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    We're proud to announce our first Documented Swim from Romania - Bogdan Zurbagiu completed the first known unassisted crossing of gorgeous Lake Beliș-Fântânele. Traditional (English Channel-style) open water swimming is somewhat rare in Romania, so we appreciate @BogdanZ's efforts to promote the sport in his country. Learn more on the Marathon Swimming Romania Facebook page.

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    Ken Mignosa's epic 49 km (30.4-mile) swim in San Francisco Bay, from the Dumbarton Rail Bridge (near East Palo Alto) to Anita Rock in San Francisco is now published and ratified as a MSF Documented Swim.

    Ken's remarkable 21-hour effort - against the current, then with it, then against, then with, and finally into a back eddy off Crissy Field - was one for the ages. It's the longest-known (by duration) San Francisco Bay swim, and the second longest by distance after Dave Kenyon's 56km swim between the Carquinez Bridge and Oyster Point in 1984.

    Amazing, Ken!

  • Oh my gosh those conditions!!! Tough going Ken!

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    Jessi Harewicz's incredible swim "the long way home" across the Straits of Georgia from Nanaimo to Vancouver - 59 km in 30 hours, 13 minutes - is now published as a MSF Documented Swim.

    Jessi's achievement was magnificently documented in four separate narrative reports, by navigator Andrew Liebmann, observers Craig Stewart and Chris Thomson, and by Jessi herself. Inspiring reading for anyone curious about swimming the Salish Sea. Well done, Jessi and team!

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    Announcing two new MSF Documented Swims, both from the midwestern U.S.:

    Tyler Lindquist - first documented swim across the mouth of Big Bay de Noc in the far north of Lake Michigan. 10.4 km in 5:51 on August 17.

    Melodee Nugent - first documented two-way crossing of Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. 24.3 km in 8:19 on July 23.

    Well swum, Tyler and Melodee!

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    A month before her historic 4-way English Channel swim, Sarah Thomas completed an under-the-radar "training swim" in Colorado's Blue Mesa Reservoir. Observed by fellow Coloradan Craig Lenning, Sarah swam a 51 km (32 mile) double-crossing at 7,500 feet elevation in a blistering pace of 15 hours, 36 minutes.

    Documentation now published at

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    Avishag Turek's pioneering double crossing of the Sea of Galilee is now published as a MSF Documented Swim. Congratulations to Avishag, observer/documenter Guy Cohen, and the support team.

    The Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) for me is where the sport of Open-Water-Swimming of my land was born. About 70 years after Matthew Webb crossed for the first time the English Channel, Yitzhak Yehezkel 'ours' had crossed the Sea of Galilee and was probably the first marathon swimmer to do so in the land of Israel, even before we could call it our home.

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    Wonderful story!!! Congratulations.

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    Congratulations!! I love that the documents have video, I'm intrigued,...this swim is going on my wish list.

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    Congratulations to Tracey Messinger of Whangarei, New Zealand on the first documented, unassisted swim around Bora Bora (23 km+). The main challenge of this swim would seem to be avoiding distraction from the stunningly gorgeous land and water scenery. Thanks to Seti Afoa of Samoa Events for the excellent documentation.

    This the 119th MSF Documented swim since 2013, which have taken place in 28 different countries and 25 US states.

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    @evmo said:
    Congratulations to Tracey Messinger of Whangarei, New Zealand on the first documented, unassisted swim around Bora Bora (23 km+).

    This looks stunning.
    Question - Was Alex Kostich's swim around Bora Bora in 2013 not documented?

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    Last summer Ned Hastings completed the first known full lengthwise crossing of Upper and Lower Priest Lake, Idaho - a 38km route. His documentation and colorful narrative is now published at:

    Well done, Ned & team!

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    An astonishing 78 km, 32-hour swim by Krzysztof Gajewski - through dozens of interconnected canals and lakes of Poland's Masurian Lake District - is now published and ratified as a MSF Documented Swim. This is the longest nonstop, unassisted lake swim in Europe we are aware of.

    In a gratifying sign for the international community of ultra swimmers, Krzysztof said his swim was inspired by @ssthomas' Lake Champlain swim (the overall world distance record, 168.3 km).

    Check out the beautiful documentation at

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    Congratulations to you and your crew!!! Thank you for sharing your swim

  • rlmrlm Senior Member

    Wonderful swim and heart-pounding narration. I see a photo for next year's calendar!!!

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    Mike Johmann, Meredith Schmitt, and Mike Jotautas pioneered a 12.5km route in the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. Documentation of this swim is now published and ratified at:

    They have big plans for this swim and the growing community of open water swimmers in Louisville:

    The present swim represents the next step in the development of open water swimming in the state of Kentucky: a swim that could be recognized by MSF, which in turn could be presented to the state USMS committee as the basis for an annual event, properly supervised and conducted by the rules provided by MSF and used as a fundraiser for charitable projects such as Kentucky Adult Learn to Swim, recently featured as the cover story in Swimmer Magazine.


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    Jim Loreto conceived, planned, and executed a very interesting swim last October in the Potomac River near Washington, DC. 33km (20.5 miles) from the Chain Bridge in DC to Mount Vernon, Virginia. "From Georgetown to George Washington." Jim swam simultaneously with Denis Crean.

    Documentation of this feat is now published and ratified at

    This could be a fabulous addition to an "American Urban Marathon Swim Challenge" list, along with 20 Bridges, the Chicago Skyline Swim, Round-Trip Angel Island in San Francisco, Boston Light Swim, and NOWSA's Amy Hiland Swim from Bremerton to Seattle. Credit to @david_barra for the idea.

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    What about Three Rivers for the American Urban Marathon Swim Challenge?

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    That's an awful long time to spend in the Potomac.....

    How was the water quality?

    @evmo said:
    Jim Loreto conceived, planned, and executed a very interesting swim last October in the Potomac River near Washington, DC. 33km (20.5 miles) from the Chain Bridge in DC to Mount Vernon, Virginia. "From Georgetown to George Washington." Jim swam simultaneously with Denis Crean.

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    Keone Weigl's crossing of Skaneateles Lake, New York (24 km) is now published and ratified as a MSF Documented Swim. Observing Keone's swim was Bridgette Hobart, who famously swam 9 Finger Lakes in a single season in 2015. Congratulations, Keone and team!

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    Terrific. Congratulations. I really enjoyed reading about your swim. Your mom is in your heart and always will be!!!

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    The last three MSF Documented Swims of 2019 have been published and ratified:

    MSF ratified 38 total swims in 2019:

    • 31 solo, 2 tandem, and 1 triple-tandem
    • Swim locations represented: Canada, England, French Polynesia, Israel, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Poland, Romania, Easter Island, St Lucia, Martinique, and the US states of California, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.
    • 16 of these were "firsts" (i.e., the first documented swim of that route).
    • In the interest of transparency: 93% of documented swims submitted in 2019 were ratified. Three swims were not ratified, for the following reasons:
      • One swim had only a single witness. This person served as observer, pilot, and crew. Single-witness swims are not eligible for ratification.
      • One swimmer used a tow-float, which is prohibited by MSF Rules.
      • One swimmer used neoprene jammers, which are prohibited by MSF Rules. Additionally this swimmer did not provide the required GPS tracking data.

    Congratulations to all the 2019 Documented Swimmers and their teams! Everyone will be receiving a printed map rendering of their GPS track to certify their achievement (if they haven't already).

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