Chafing in a River vs Lake vs Ocean

abbygirlroseabbygirlrose Chicago, IL (Los Angeles, CA)Member

Hi all! I am planning to swim stage 4 of 8 Bridges next week and have a question about chafing in the Hudson.

For some context, when I swim in Lake Michigan I use no vaseline or lanolin at all and do not chafe at all, when I swim in the Pacific I need to put grease on any rub spot or I will rub raw within even a few minutes in the water. I swam 20 Bridges last year but cannot remember at all how much grease I used.

I am hoping to use as little grease as possible while still not chafing. Any thoughts/suggestions/personal anecdotes about swimming in the Hudson or other rivers are appreciated!


  • JustSwimJustSwim Member

    I chafe in fresh water. For stage 4 I used Vaseline on all my standard chaffing spots. Not huge globs but enough to get me through 5 hours. If you don't really chafe in fresh water you could try just using Body Glide.

  • MLambyMLamby Member

    I did NYC Triathlon twice and used Aquaphor and Body Glide. Had no issues. Only a one plus mile swim though. The smell was a bigger issue than the possible chaffing. :)

  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    I didn't chafe much during my stage of 8 Bridges. I did, however, forget to sunblock my face well enough. So that was cute. ;)

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