20 Bridges Manhattan Swim - 2019

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New York Open Water is pleased to welcome 16 swimmers from around the world to New York City for the first 2019 edition of the iconic 20 Bridges Swim around Manhattan this Saturday, June 1. Swimmers will begin from an in-water start at Mill Rock at East 96th Street at the beginning of the Harlem River. Swimmers will continue counter-clockwise around Manhattan for 28.5 miles through the Harlem River, the Hudson River and the East River.

The entire field will be protected from boat traffic by safety boats, jet skis and members of the NYPD Harbor Patrol. Each swimmer will have a dedicated kayak and motor boat escort that will carry feeds and other supplies for the swimmer. The weather forecast for Saturday is clear skies and temperatures around 75F/24C, while water temperatures are expected to be around 61F/16C for most of the day.

All 20 Bridges swimmers can be tracked via GPS during the swim at this link: https://track.rs/NYOW

Jessi Harewicz - Vancouver (CAN)
Gerald Devin - Wicklow (IRE)
Janice Burton - Maryland
Samiir Wheaton - Rajasthan (IND)
Mark Sheridan - Kent (GBR)
Tim Garrett - New South Wales (AUS)
Cynthia Werhane - Oregon
Melissa Blaustein - California
Zach Margolis - California
Anna-Carin Nordin - JÃttendal (SWE)
Avishag Turek - Shefayim (ISR)
Melanie Holland - Norfolk (GBR)
Fiona Mildner - East Sussex (GBR)
Steve Stievenart - Hauts de France (FRA)
Elizabeth Almond - Georgia
James Janik - Colorado

Along with the Catalina Channel and the English Channel, 20 Bridges is recognized as one of the three legs of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. This Saturday, six swimmers will be attempting their final leg of this feat: Jessi Harewicz, James Janik, Zach Margolis, Anna-Carin Nordin, Mark Sheridan and Avishag Turek.

Along the 28.5 mile course, swimmers will pass under 20 different bridges:

Hudson River (date built/length):
1. George Washington Bridge (1931/1,450.85 meters)

Harlem River (date built/length):
2. Spuyten Duyvil Bridge (1899/186 meters)
3. Henry Hudson Bridge (1936/673 meters)
4. Broadway Bridge (1962/170.08 meters)
5. University Heights Bridge (1908/82 meters)
6. Washington Bridge (1888/723.9 meters)
7. Alexander Hamilton Bridge (1963/724 meters)
8. High Bridge (1848/600 meters)
9. 18. Macombs Dam Bridge (1895/774 meters)
10. 145th Street Bridge (1905/489 meters)
11. Madison Avenue Bridge (1910/577 meters)
12. Park Avenue Bridge (1954/100 meters)
13. Third Avenue Bridge (1898/853.44 meters)
14. Willis Avenue Bridge (1901/979 meters)
15. Triborough Bridge (1936/230 meters)
16. Wards Island Bridge (1951/285.6 meters)

East River (date built/length):
17. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge (1909/1,135 meters)
18. Williamsburg Bridge (1903/2,227.48 meters)
19. Manhattan Bridge (1909/2,089 meters)
20. Brooklyn Bridge (1883/1,825 meters)

New York Open Water (NYOW) was founded in 2016 to provide swimmers and kayakers with safe, challenging, and fulfilling open water adventures in and around the waters of New York City and New York State. For more information, please visit www.nyopenwater.org.



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    Start list for Saturday July 13. First wave splashes at 8:05 Eastern.

    • David Wallman
    • Monica Bender
    • Ana Ramirez
    • Kerry Yonushonis
    • Dana Page
    • Alessandra Cima
    • Carlos Franco
    • Cheryl Reinke
    • Lauren Au Brinkmeyer
    • Ed Stoner
    • Suwei Chen
    • Craig Lewin
    • Rocio Mora
    • Aleksandra Bednarek
    • Bob Tarr
    • Catherine Breed

    Tracking on https://track.rs/nyow/

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    The 4th and final 20 Bridges of the year is today (a few more "quiet swims" remain).

    1 Cynthia Aguilar Mexico MEX
    2 Alejandro Lastra MEX
    3 Jean-Luc Boulanger Antibes Alpes-Maritimes FRA
    4 Santiago Ferrada Castro Santiago de Chile Region metropolitana CHL
    5 Rachel Griffin Los Angeles CA USA
    6 Jonah Meyer Saugerties NY USA
    7 Steven Minaglia Kaneohe HI USA
    8 Carlos Moreno Guzman Chiapas MEX
    9 Frantisek Nehaj Cadca SVK
    10 Sara Palacios Quito Pichincha ECU
    11 Luiz Pradines Dubai UAE
    12 Heather Roka Fort Myers FL USA
    13 Jen Schumacher Tarrytown NY USA
    14 Adrian Stroie Greenwich CT USA
    15 Jacques Tuset montpellier FRA
    16 Srikaanth Viswanathan Bangalore Karnataka IND

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