8 Bridges Hudson River Swim - 2019

Swimmers, NYOW’s ninth 8 Bridges will run from June 8 to 15th in 2019 and we still have single race availability for several stages.  8 Bridges is a unique opportunity to experience the Hudson River in all her glory, from her fjords, to her great bridges, to swimming past Lady Liberty herself.  If you have been hesitant because of early season temperatures in NY, have no fear - we are already seeing temps into the 50s with 6 weeks to go, aka: ideal marathon swimming conditions.  Additionally, our kayak registrations are at an all-time high, which means you will have world class support on the river.  Our paddlers are one of a kind: skilled, hardy, devoted, and there for the love of the event. Most of these folks spend the entire week on the river, camping along the way and living out of a kayak. They are eager to support swimmers again in 2019, so take advantage of this opportunity to join one of the marquee open water events of the year. For more information, please visit: https://nyopenwater.org/8-bridges-hudson-river-swim/

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