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BHillBHill Des Moines, IAMember

Hey All! Lately I've been having a problem of running through my training suits like crazy, to the point where a speedo only lasts about 2 months before it starts falling part. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or could point me in the direction of a speedo that wont fall apart after some time in the pool. Thought it would also be a good time for people to talk about their favorite training suits!


  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNMember

    TYR durafast suits seem to last a lot longer. You can find them on

  • ColmBreathnachColmBreathnach Charter Member

    Speedo endurance+
    The last togs you'll ever wear.

  • SoloSolo B.C. CanadaMember

    I wash and rinse my jammers and goggles after every swim now. They last a year, compared to not washing them where they only last 2-3 months.

  • DuganaddyDuganaddy Needham, MAMember

    What a great new angle of shaming your competition - "I wear out my suits in 2 months!"
    Try any drag suit by HardCore Sport from
    Comfortable, two ply, last a long time, cool designs.

  • IronMikeIronMike BostonCharter Member

    Speedo endurance.

    Just here troubling deaf heaven with my bootless cries...

  • BHillBHill Des Moines, IAMember

    Thanks for all the tips!

  • curlycurly Issaquah, WAMember

    Someone on this site swims naked. That would save you a couple bucks...

  • MLambyMLamby Member

    As solo stated, I think washing and rinsing...and never using detergent is vital. I got two years out of a pair of TYR while putting in around 500 miles per year. Always lightly washed in the shower with mild soap and rinsed. Never machine washed or dried.

  • ColmBreathnachColmBreathnach Charter Member

    As mentioned earlier, speedo endurance+. I've never washed / rinsed a togs in my life except once after a particularly peaty lake swim. I still have togs I bought in 2010 in regular (weekly or more) use in the sea, although the stitching is starting to go on those, but still in use (twice this weekend). Microbiologists may be interested in doing a culture ;-)

    I'm not on a retainer from speedo sadly.....

    The cleanliness freaks among you will be glad to know I do rinse my goggles every now and again with baby shampoo, to get the salt out and help with fogging.

  • curlycurly Issaquah, WAMember

    The stitching goes out on the Speedo Endurance before the fabric ever wears out. If they could make the stitching as good as the fabric, it would be the ultimate suit. I also kind of wish they would do nice designs and colors. I've been swimming in basic black for far too many years.

  • BridgetBridget New York StateMember

    I have a few suits ONLY for chlorine- my lake-only suits have lasted for years- shockingly. Also, as my pool suits wear out, unless I'm in the pool for my job, I layer crap suits. Even layering will semi protect the inner suit, but mainly, two provide a bit more time before they go transparent and balloony. Also, going from layered crap suits to a fresh, new suit will make you feel FAST.

  • BHillBHill Des Moines, IAMember

    @Bridget said:
    Also, going from layered crap suits to a fresh, new suit will make you feel FAST.

    I am a big fan of the layer method for when I do my pool workouts but they still degrade pretty fast. Typically when I do a lake swim I only wear one layer.

  • MLambyMLamby Member

    I recently purchased a pair of Srnfean jammers. They are chlorine resistant. They are REALLY comfortable and were only $15.99 on Amazon. AFTER purchasing them, I looked up jammer ratings and found that they were the number one rated economy swimsuit of 2018. If you are looking for a super comfortable, super durable economical choice, I would highly recommend. Material is a bit thicker than usual, so probably not ideal for really warm water. We'll find out later :)

  • MLambyMLamby Member

    Sorry, they are made by Banfei

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