Swimming in Dubai: tips and advice please

MvGMvG MauritiusCharter Member

Hi all!
I will be in Dubai for a family vacation from 30 March to 6 April and would like to get a good bit of training done as well.
Some questions:

  • the Hamdan Complex' olympic pool looks marvellous (though pricey). But do I really need to register in advance and bring a medical declaration every time I want to go for a swim, as the website seems to indicate? Or can I just show up, buy a ticket and swim?
  • any other good lap swimming pools (with more relaxed entry requirements...) with early opening hours that forum members can recommend?
  • are there any OW swimmers/swim groups that I could join for a (few) sea swim(s) that week?
  • is it possible to swim around the Palm Al Jumeirah or the other palm tree (or will I get arrested :) )? Anybody interested to come along and give it a try?





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