Lake Taupo in NZ?

Has anyone in the forum swam there? I’m looking for any relevant info on swimming it in 2020 or 2021.


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    Hey Naji,

    Using the search bar at the top of the Forum, I found this report by Forum member @AliSwims about a recent swim across Lake Taupo:

    She mentions three other names - her co-swimmer Mike C., and their two support crew including Phil Rush who pilots many Taupo swims.

    One of these folks might be a good place to start your planning. There is also a website with some info about the swim:

    Good luck!

  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaSenior Member

    And the contact of Philip Rush is here

  • SwimSydneySwimSydney SydneyMember

    Hi Naji. I swam it recently so feel free to send me a message if you have any specific questions.

  • abeabe australiaMember

    Congrats Swim Sydney on doing Taupo hope you got a nice day - I am originally from New Zealand and growing up it was all about Cook Strait but Taupo seems to be gaining more attention lately.

    Further than Cook Strait but warmer water and more chance of suitable conditions and not being cancelled - Good luck Naji I am looking at it 2020 - 2021 also

  • McswimsMcswims Pennsylvania, USA Member

    Hi Naji,

    Were you looking to swim across Taupo or just in it? I was in NZ this past November and swam in it. I was working on my '100 Bodies of Water' goal, so my swim was short. But this was a fun one. I'll PM you a link and pics to your Facebook.

  • McswimsMcswims Pennsylvania, USA Member

    Oh, and every single body of water in New Zealand is pristine. Crystal clear whether it is ocean, lake, or river. Wide range of temperatures due to thermal activity. If you go, make time to swim with the wild dolphins in either Queen Charlotte Sound (E-ko Tours) or the Pacific (Encounter Kaikoura). An absolutely amazing experience!

  • rlmrlm Senior Member

    Lake Taupo is a beautiful place on the North Island, South from Aukland and near Rotorua. Skip Rotorua (covered in tourists) and stay in Taupo. Taupo is a very nice, small town with good restaurants and shops. I wish I could advise you specifically about swimming in the lake, but I'd bet it is GREAT fresh water swimming. All the best!!! Rich

  • McswimsMcswims Pennsylvania, USA Member

    Rich, I don't remember Rotorua that way, but then my husband was looking for birds and I was looking for water. We stayed at Cedarwood Lakeside in Rotorua. 200 feet from my door to this beautiful lake. It was one of the warmest lakes in the country, lol.

  • rlmrlm Senior Member

    We were there last January, so maybe it was extra busy? We stayed near the lake and that part was nice, even though we did see a lot of plastic trash along the lake shore. The best thing we did in that area was to visit the Maori village outside Rotorua, on the road to Taupo!!! We thought Lake Taupo was one of the most beautiful & pristine areas we saw on the North Island. Ultimately, we concluded that New Zealand is sensational...everywhere!!!!

  • AliSwimsAliSwims New ZealandMember
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    Hi Naji,
    Yep, Taupo swims are def happening! As a general guideline, if you wish to have the swim certified, Phil Rush offers a crewing service. He's a busy man, and juggles Taupo with Cook Strait crossings (usually week on / week off based around the Cook Strait tides), so it pays to register your interest early. You may additionally be able to source an other observer should you wish to do it independently.
    For the traditional south to north crossing you are looking at 40.2km starting at Little Waihi Beach and then up to the Taupo Yacht club. The weather, for the most part, can be relatively settled over summer, however because of the distance you have to try and avoid the days when the wind picks up on the lake. Temps usually sit around 20 however will be a little cooler if you do it earlier in the season. It's a great swim and Taupo is a lovely lake! Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Cheers, Alice

  • Thank you everyone for your sage advice, Alice, MC, and Rich I'll be sure to pester the three of you over due time LOL! Be well and happy swimming to one and all!


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