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As the senior pilot on the North Channel, I have read with interest the comments in other areas of the forum
Up to this year 2019 the only sanctioning body here was the ILDSA.
Most of the swimmers who attempt the North Channel, Ireland to Scotland, are participating in the oceans Seven challenge.
Couple of years ago, one of our swimmers who completed the arduous task was accused in writing by the faceless ratifier belonging to ILDSA of cheating, based solely on a badly positioned photo, as was his observer and by association, myself as pilot.
Despite much communication and the witness reports of other pilots and observers there on the day, ILDSA refused for months to acknowledge there was no cheating and it took the threat of legal action for them to finally agree they were wrong and apologise to the swimmer, ratifying his swim. Neither I or the observer have ever had an apology
After much deliberation a new organisation, recognised by the major swimming bodies has been formed, this new organisation does not run on bureaucracy, it is made up of level headed people including the swimmer and observer in this article.
As a pilot with some experience of success on the North Channel, I strongly suggest this new organisation is the way forward and look forward to working with their respected observers / ratifiers in the seasons ahead. I certainly recommend any swimmers contemplating the North Channel, should contact and see just how helpful they are.
Quinton Nelson North Channel pilot.

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    @Quinton, thanks for your post.

    Will the new organization (NCSA) recognize swimmers who choose to go through ILDSA with their observers & ratification process?

    Or will there now be two competing lists of North Channel swims?

  • MvGMvG Brussels (BE) and Lith (NL)Charter Member

    Or will there now be two competing lists of North Channel swims?

    I hope not!

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