8h swim (1km lap) before my big event?

matteomalcematteomalce malcesine vr italyMember

hi all,
early may,right 3 months before zurich lake marathon (26km) I will do a race in Milano (Italy) where you have to swim for max 8 Hours in open water in a lap of 1 km...
I will do in preparation for my big event of zurich, I have never swim more then 10 km and I ask you what it is better to do...
I think to swim at a steady pace for 15/18 km maybe try to increase the pace for the last 1 or 2 km.... but I'd like to know your advise.... thanks
(and sorry for my english..)



  • swimmer25kswimmer25k Charter Member

    Start off easy and then slow down. Weird stuff happens to your body the longer you're in the water. Go for it when the end is in sight, but listen to what you're body is telling you and respect it. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face (Tyson)".

  • matteomalcematteomalce malcesine vr italyMember

    ok.. so you suggest to intentionally slow down and swim at a very slow pace?

  • JacqueJacque M. (Germany)Member

    Hi Matteo, well done on getting a spot for Zurich, I swam there in 2017 and it is a beautiful, well organized swim. Since you say you never swam more than 10 km and I guess this event in Milan is your test before the swim in Zurich my advice would be to swim as easy and steady as you can manage. Every long distance swimmer has a certain "all day pace" with a certain stroke rate where they feel most comfortable - try to find that and stay with it. Try to make it the full 8 hours, which should bring you far over your actual 10 km experience, and - as swimmer25k said - listen to your body. Try to focus more on a steady stroke rate than on your speed, do not (!!!) treat the 8h as a race, especially when other contestants do. If you made it to over 7 hours and feel fine you could try to speed up slightly or just swim a bit more powerful, because the last stretch in Zurich is often rougher and more swelly than the first 3/4 and you need to push a bit more.
    Use the event also to test your feedings (what and how often), because you might experience that you need to feed differently for swims that exceed a certain time. And since you say it is 1 km lap for over 8 hours there will be plenty opportunity to test you mental skills also (e.g. dealing with boredom...). Good luck!

  • matteomalcematteomalce malcesine vr italyMember

    thanks @Jacque !!
    so I think I will swim without my garmin gps and forget all the pace I usually swim in the pool....
    (also turn my face on the other side of the clock in the lap/finish line)....
    than I will test the nutrition aspect... plan to feed every 2 laps (about 30-40 min), there is a jetty after the loop where you can stop and stand to grab your nutrition....
    ps:I have to remember to not jump on the feet of another swimmer because in Zurich I think you can not!!

  • swimmer25kswimmer25k Charter Member

    @matteomalce said:
    ok.. so you suggest to intentionally slow down and swim at a very slow pace?

    @matteomalce said:
    ok.. so you suggest to intentionally slow down and swim at a very slow pace?

    Not exactly. Temper your excitement and the urge to go for it. You have a long day ahead of you. Big swims can be lost on the front end by going out too hard.

  • matteomalcematteomalce malcesine vr italyMember

    all right! thanks

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