Do we really need sanctioning/ratifying organizations?



  • Copelj26Copelj26 ChicagoMember

    Further proving the value of both a good organization and potentially banditing as I continue to navigate the challenges of getting public service people to respond to me while I try to follow what I would consider good safety rules. After numerous weeks trying finally spoke to chief of special operations at Chicago fire dept. He advises he can’t approve or deny but he has no issues with the swim, so awesome. He agrees to contact police marine unit and cc me on mail, however he contacts them does not cc me but confirms to me has spoken to them but won’t give me name of whom he spoke to. Then missed call I look up number it’s marine unit but no voicemail or name to contact so get to wait and see if they call back again. Though poor police man at gym today, we get talking as he has a t shirt on that says Garda (Irish for police) I go where did you get that and it turns out he is Chicago police so can’t miss opportunity to say do you know head of marine unit, th answer is no but he knows someone in the unit and he will ask him. So now I have this guy from the gyms phone number which as I think about it I now got a phone number at the gym which may come across as I was hitting on him, lol. My respect for organization who have done all this for their swimmers continues to go up

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    However, this is what can be fun (by some people’s standards, -Lynne Cox; David Yudovin) to envision, create, coordinate, execute their own course and swim!

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