O Crud Swim & Run (Charlotte, NC)

KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

Sharing a new event that has just popped up in the Charlotte area that includes the opportunity for a 10K open water swim. Half of the 10k is against the current, half is with.

More info here: https://racesonline.com/events/o-crud-swim-run



  • CarlyCarly Asheville, NC Member

    THANK YOU for sharing this!!!! I needed a close OWS in May! :smile:

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    Cool, I may come swim too. Thanks for the post

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    I signed up @Katie and @Carly. maybe see you there. Thanks!

  • KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

    @Carly and @j9swim , there is also a 5/10/15k option swim up in Bryson City, NC in July if you need to add to your swim calendars this year. It's a 5k loop, so no support kayakers required.

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    Here's a 10k in a river thats actually happening on 5/8/2021. Its in Charlotte NC . I swam it in 2019 - super fun and well run - check it out!

  • michael_millermichael_miller Minneapolis, MNMember

    Thanks for the heads up @j9swim; I have relatives in the area and will make the journey. My moderna second vac shot will be a few days before the event; wondering how my left pull will be... Currently 23 people signed up for the 10km.

  • boobooabooboobooaboo Seattle, WA, United StatesNew Member

    May have to last minute sign up if things fall into place. Been dying for some group events!

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