Qiongzhou Strait

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I am finding some information about Qiongzhou Strait crossing. It seems to be an established marathon swim route, with solo swims and also races taken place. However, what I can find are only news articles, and I can't find any information on the web about the races, sanctioning organisation, etc. (According to some news articles, the sanctioning organisation is called 海口海牛横渡俱乐部, but I can't find any contact information of it)

Qiongzhou Strait is the nearest channel to the place where I live with established marathon swims taking place, and I would like to use that as the starting point for me to try out channel swimming, like people in the U.K. doing the English channel, or people on the U.S. west coast doing the Catalina Channel.

Does anyone know how I can attempt a Qiongzhou Strait crossing, either an independent swim or a race?

P.S. My family is from Hainan, and I am trying to ask my mum if she knows anything about it from my relatives there.



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    Looks like the guy running this blog is from Haikou -this post has a list of the 17 swimmers who finished last year... maybe you can reach out to him, or do some internet stalking on the other finishers to get more info?


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    I am finding more information about this route, and it seems that every province in China has swimmers completed it, except Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau according to a news article. However, I haven't found the completed ratified list of swimmers yet.

    There was a relay team from Hong Kong completed the crossing last year, but I only found out the fact after I met them in person in a local marathon race, and missed the chance to get in touch with them. The team was Hong Kong Law Society swimming team, who cooperated with lawyers in Guangdong for the relay crossing.

    There is a QQ chat group for that association, but it is by invitation only. My mum asked my relatives in Haikou but they know nothing about that association.

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    Based on some brief googling this seems to be a swim often done in a wetsuit.

    Here's an article about a young American who did it last month. The photos seem to indicate she did it without wetsuit.


    Interesting looking swim, I'd never heard of it til now!

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    I am looking for information on Qiongzhou Strait, and there seems to be a well-established sanctioning organization which deals with everything according to news articles and also blogs of finishers. However, it is nearly impossible to us to find any contact (there is no phone number, no website, and no email address, and I haven't found a complete ratified list on the internet yet, the only contact method I can find is a QQ chat group, and it is by invitation only), and it does not appear on the MSF database yet, unlike other well-established channel swims.

    How should we deal with such cases?

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    @kejoyce already offered a good suggestion above: find someone who has done the swim (searching names on FB, etc.), and ask them.

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