Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2018 - FINALISTS

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We are pleased to announce the finalists for the seventh annual MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards.

For additional details, please see the dedicated page:

Solo Swim of the Year

  • Cameron Bellamy - around Barbados
  • Tita Llorens - Ibiza Channel
  • Andy Truscott - double Round Jersey
  • Vera Rivard - youngest to swim Lake Memphremagog

Barra Award

  • Diego Lopez
  • Amy Gubser
  • Angel More
  • Martyn Webster
  • Joe and John Zemaitis

Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming

  • Tracy Clark
  • Ned Denison
  • Linda Kaiser
  • Lynn Kubasek

Yudovin Award for Most Adventurous Swim

  • Colleen Blair, North Minch
  • Ken Mignosa - two-way Santa Cruz Island
  • Molly Nance - St. Lucia Channel

Monahan Award

  • Cameron Bellamy
  • Caroline Block
  • Amy Gubser
  • Kate Robarts

Stay tuned for information on the voting process and schedule.

We will announce the results of the "irregular" awards later in the month.



  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    Emails have been sent to all eligible voters, with links to the voting system.

    If you did not receive the email, and you are eligible to vote (joined the Forum before November 1 2018 AND logged in at least once during 2018):

    • first check your spam folder
    • then, please message me through the Forum PM system

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