CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2018 Solo Swim of the Year

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Please submit your nominations for Solo Swim of the Year, by commenting on this thread. (Please also read the general nomination guidelines before nominating.)

Criteria: the most outstanding solo marathon swim of 2018. Must be documented, unassisted, and nonstop. Please include as many details as possible, e.g., date, distance, elapsed time, sanction org or link to documentation, etc.

Previous winners & finalists:

  • 2012 (female): Tina Neill (Annaleise Carr, Chloe McCardel)
  • 2012 (male): Trent Grimsey (Craig Lenning, Bill Shipp)
  • 2013 (female): Wendy Trehiou (Sarah Thomas, Michelle Macy)
  • 2013 (male): Sylvain Estadieu (Fergal Somerville, Ned Denison)
  • 2014 (female): Chloe McCardel (Charlotte Samuels, Susan Simmons)
  • 2014 (male): Craig Lenning (Bob Fernald, Otto Thaning)
  • 2015 (female): Chloe McCardel (Jaimie Monahan, Marcy MacDonald,
    Tita Llorens)

  • 2015 (male): Jason Betley (Andrew Malinak, David Barra, Bill

  • 2016 (female): Sarah Thomas (Pat Gallant-Charette, Sal
    Minty-Gravett, Carol Hayden)

  • 2016 (male): Howard James (Christian Jongeneel, Mike Tyson)

  • 2017: Sarah Thomas (Caroline Block, Catherine Breed, Daniel

The MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards, now in their seventh year, are the only peer-nominated, peer-voted awards for the sport of marathon swimming.



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    Colleen Blair for her North Minch swim in July, a particularly tough stretch of water which she conquered and is the first person to successfully crossed from Isle of Lewis to mainland Scotland (non wetsuit).
    Colleen battled through shoals of lionsmane jelly fish being stung many times, strong currents and water as low as 9 degrees
    8th July 2018 24 nautical miles 18hrs 46m Ratified by BLDSA

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    For Solo Swim of the Year, I nominate Tita Llorens of Spain, for her unprecedented 90 km swim across the Ibiza Channel.

    • Ibiza to Javea (mainland Spain) - first unassisted solo swim of this channel
    • 90.3 km (56.1 miles)
    • 36 hours, 16 minutes on 27 July 2018
    • Observed and documented by Toni Huguet Arguimbau
    • Ratified by MSF Documented Swims

    Extensive documentation available here:

    thelittlemerwookieKatieBunrondiJaimieCopelj26ToniHuguetPasqualecurlyDaveOSoloand 2 others.
  • For solo swim of the year I nominate Cameron Bellamy for his unassisted solo swim of 96.4 km around the island of Barbados in 40 hrs 46 minutes. Certified by the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association (BASA). Which uses similar criteria to the MSF.

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    A nomination for Andy Truscott of Jersey, for completing the first-ever double Round Jersey swim.

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    I'm not quite sure where this nomination belongs, but here goes. I would like to nominate:

    Vera Rivard, 14, Springfield, NH and Derby, VT - Some say, “The end depends on the beginning.” From the very beginning of Vera’s open water swimming with NEKOWSA it became clear she’s got the spirit and joy of open water swimming deep in her heart, bones, and head.

    At 10 she swam her first one-mile event at Kingdom Swim in July of 2015. After that swim her mother, Darcie, said she loved it. So, we planned for her to swim one and a half miles at Caspian in August from the beach to Bath Tub Rock with a shuttle back to the beach. A week before the swim, Darcie wrote that she was thinking about swimming all three miles and had been in training. We decided she could swim to the rock, we’d see how she was doing, and decide then. We all got to the rock. Vera swam up to it. Slapped it. Turned right around, head under water, and she was fast on her way back to the beach. No discussion. Just determination. When we came around Black’s Point the wind had picked up. Caspian is high in the hills. Winds can rip it. Why we call it the Little Lake that Roars. Vera took on the wind and waves like a seasoned open water swimmer having the time of her life, one stroke at a time. When she walked on to the beach, she had the quiet look of confidence and pride, “Yeh, I did that.”

    Since then each year she has grown her distance at Kingdom Swim and swum all the lakes at NEK Swim Week. She was the youngest swimmer to complete Willoughby. The youngest swimmer to double cross Willoughby. The youngest swimmer to complete Lac Massawippi (9 miles). The youngest swimmer to double cross Massawippi. The youngest swimmer to complete the 25 km Border Buster. In doing so, she has swum in all conditions and finished high in the pack, winning Willoughby twice.

    In the beginning of 2018, she became the youngest swimmer to join us at the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival, swimming all distances from 25 meters to 200 meters in water temps of 30.5 F.
    Later this year she took on In Search of Memphre in July with six others in the expeditionary force and completed the 25 mile distance of Lake Memphremagog in a time of 16 hrs and 24 min. It wasn’t just that she finished. Or that she did so with a pretty decent time. She did so against fierce headwinds of 10 to 20 MPH from the north for the first 15 miles. Winds, which knocked five of the other swimmers out of the water. But, this Child of Caspian was un-fazed, continuing on stroke by stroke with a combination of joy and fierce determination, leaving her and only one other to finish that day. She now holds the record for being the youngest person, male of female, to complete this storied and epic swim.

    She’s on to Cork Distance Week in 2019 and its anybody’s guess where her journey will take her.

    Link to pics:

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