CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2018 Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming

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Please submit your nominations for the Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming, by commenting on this thread. (Please also read the general nomination guidelines before nominating.)

Criteria: significant and selfless contributions to the sport in a non-swimming role - volunteer, organizational, or swim support. Nominations may additionally cite work in the past four years.

Previous Streeter Award winners are not eligible.

Previous winners & finalists:

  • 2013: Freda Streeter, Irene Wakeham, and Barrie Wakeham (Alison Bayne & Rob Dumouchel, Eri Utsunomiya, Phil White)
  • 2014: Neil van der Byl & Grace van der Byl (Roger Finch & Tracy Clark, Greg O'Connor)
  • 2015: Dan Simonelli (Craig Lenning, Eileen Burke, Phil White, Suzie Dods)
  • 2016: David Barra, Rondi Davies, & Alex Arevalo (Sam Jones, Roy Malinak)
  • 2017: Andrew Malinak (Tom Linthicum & Dave Van Mouwerik, Greg O'Connor & Elaine Kornbau Howley, Mark Sheridan, Scott Zornig)

The MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards, now in their seventh year, are the only peer-nominated, peer-voted awards for the sport of marathon swimming.



  • Ned Denison for organising Cork Distance Week, a 9-day intensive swim camp for aspiring marathon and channel swimmers since 2008.

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    Tracy Clark. Tracy is an all rounder in the open water world. She competes marathon swims herself and when she is not doing that she is either running the Varne Ridge Swim Camps with Roger Finch to impart valuable knowledge to other swimmers or she is crewing for swimmers during their swims.
    Tracey has been a great support to me and countless others, always knows the right thing to say to settle nerves and encourage you.
    Tracey has competed many great swims including
    Gibraltar, (9/6/15 14.4km 6h20m)
    Catalina, (22/9/15 32.3km 12h54m)
    Manhattan Island (15/8/16 45km 7hr55) and more.
    Tracy is a worthy nominee who goes above and beyond to help others achieve their dreams

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    I would like to wholeheartedly nominate Linda Kaiser.

    Linda Kaiser is swimmer extraordinaire who swam all Hawaiian Channels and who was this year inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. However amazing and remarkable Linda's swimming is, I would like to nominate her for the Streeter award for her service to marathon swimming.

    She has been very passionate about supporting many swimmers in Hawaii, especially in Molokai channel (Kaiwi). She is the welcoming committee for all Kaiwi Channel swimmers. She has been helping swimmers to find boats, accommodation, she supported many as crew and if she could not be on the boat, she waited for the swimmers on Oahu shores with hot tea/soup and warm towel. She is very dedicated to help those who come to Hawaii to swim.

    Additionally, she is serving on the board of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim for almost 30 years now. She also serves on the Board of the Duke Kahanamoku Foundation and has been President of the Hawaii Kai Funrunners club.

    For years, she has taught swimming to adults and she also coaches triathletes in swimming.

    Linda is remarkable woman who spent her life promoting and supporting swimmers. In her spare time, she welcomes swimmers in Hawaii and never turns down invitation for a swim. I had the pleasure to swim with her and for about 500 yards, I matched my stroke with hers, and felt calm and thoughtful energy around her. She did not mind me being a stranger, instead she welcomed me in true Aloha spirit of Hawaii.

    I hope others will strengthen my nomination of Linda by sharing their personal stories of Linda's support and guidance.

  • ScottZornigScottZornig Charter Member

    I would like to nominate Lynn Kubasek for the 2018 Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming.
    Lynn has a distinguished marathon swimming career which includes 11 solo marathon swims (2 legs of the triple crown) and 16 marathon relays, but she deserves consideration solely for giving back to the sport of marathon swimming though her volunteer work.

    Lynn has not only been an observer on 56 marathon swims, but she has supported 25 swimmers as either a kayaker or feeder and spent countless hours videotaping, editing and chronicling 84 different marathon swims. Her work is proudly displayed on youtube for swimmers, friends, family and future marathon swimmers to enjoy and study for years to come.

    Lynn has also served on the board of directors for the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA) since 2009 and as an associate director of Swim Camp Catalina and Swim Camp Mexico since 2014. Lynn has inspired, guided and trained numerous people who have successfully gone on to do their own marathon swims.

    Prior to Lynn’s service to marathon swimming, she co-founded Laguna Beach Open Water Swimmers which grew from 3 swimmers in 1987 to over 350 swimmers today. '

    Lynn successfully completed her first leg of the triple crown (Catalina) in 2009. In 2016. Lynn was diagnosed with Melanoma. She successfully beat her cancer and then went on to complete her second leg of the triple crown (Manhattan) in 2018. Lynn was making plans for her 3rd and final leg when she was diagnosed this past October with non-operable pancreatic cancer. Lynn is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but is targeting a 2020 attempt of the channel.

    Although Lynn is dealing with her own illnesses, she is always the first to help fellow open water swimmers during their time of need. A marathon swimmer suffered catastrophic damage to his house and business from Hurricane Maria and Lynn was the first to step up with financial assistance along with a package of her homemade soaps. She has supported numerous marathon swimmers in need via various Gofundme campaigns. As a labor of love, Lynn has made over 9000 bars of soap which she gives to swimmers as gifts of love always delivered with her trademark smile.

    As a professional, Lynn serves as a Storm Water specialist, peripherally protecting the waters in which we swim. She is the proud mother of three, with four grandchildren.

    In my humble opinion, there are few people who have given back to our sport as much as Lynn Kubasek. Thank you for your consideration of this amazing woman.

  • I would like to second Scott Zornig's nomination of Lynn Kubasek for the 2018 Streeter Award. When I read the guidelines for nominations, I immediately thought of Lynn. Her service to the sport of marathon swimming is almost legendary. What is more remarkable about Lynn, though, are the hundreds - and I do not exaggerate here - of people whom she has helped to introduce to the joys of open water and marathon swimming. Lynn has given so much to our sport. Scott enumerated the numbers of swims she has observed for, but I'd like to add that if your official observer had to drop out, even at the last minute - even if you had never met Lynn - she would pick up that assignment. I recall times when she was up all night observing swims just a few days apart. She is selfless in her willingness to volunteer and help others in our sport.

    Lynn embodies what this award celebrates: service of all kinds to the sport of marathon swimming. I am honored to second Scott's nomination.

    Ellen Shockro

  • I would like to second Pavlicov’s nomination of Linda Kaiser for the 2018 Streeter Award. I’m one of the many people that Linda has helped attempt the Ka’iwi Channel between Molokai and Oahu. She doesn’t do this as a business or a non-profit, she just helps anyone that wants to swim in Hawaii, especially the Ka’iwi Channel. She helped me with finding a pilot, with the tide window, and the weather window. When my swim went all wrong in the middle of the night, she got out of bed well after midnight to meet us at the dock and bring me some hot drinks. I was really messed up with hypothermia. Linda also helped me with advice on what to do if a tiger shark swims up from the depths and circles me. This meant A LOT to me. You can read about that on line but getting advice from someone that has been face to face with that more than once is a huge thing in this sport. Linda even helped me recently plot my next Ka’iwi Channel attempt in 2019 while she is battling cancer.
    Linda Kaiser is my Streeter in Hawaii and her selfless passion to grow open water swimming in Hawaii makes it my pleasure and honor to second Linda’s nomination.

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