Swimming Hell's Mouth

Hi All,

I know that Frank Chalmers attempted to swim Hell's Mouth (Pentland Firth) I am aware that one woman has swum across successfully, but I am not sure if anyone else has. my question is thus: Does anyone here know of any information or contacts on looking into this swim? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Further if anyone has Frank Chalmers contact information that would be very helpful. Thanks!


  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited February 2020

    Colleen Blair and
    Andrea Gellan both did it in 2011. Colleen is on FB. There have also been some wetsuit swims. Not a very long swim, but pretty badass!

  • Yeah Colleen and I are friends on FB. I reached out once but never heard back, maybe I'll try again. Also, sent a request to Andrea. It'd be pretty cool to be the first man to do it.

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