2018 MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards

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Community nominations for the MSF Awards will open shortly and continue through the end of the year. Voting will happen in January.

In the meantime, feel free to prepare nominations and solicit details for:

  • the most outstanding solo marathon swim
  • the most adventurous solo marathon swim
  • the most outstanding overall year of marathon swimming
  • great contributors in service to the sport


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    MSF Awards 2018 - General Information and Nomination Guidelines

    This year's MSF Awards are managed by the Forum co-admins (myself and @thelittlemerwookie ), and longtime MSF contributor and Rules co-author @emkhowley. Feel free to contact any of us with questions.

    New This Year

    • All award categories will have one winner, without distinction by gender.
    • We will not be accepting anonymous and/or private nominations, or nominations via email/FB/etc.
    • To participate in the final vote (scheduled for January), you must have:

      • a Forum account registered before November 1, 2018 (last month).
      • and, logged into the Forum at least once during the 2018 calendar year.
    • We are excited to announce two new award categories... stay tuned.

    Once again - if you want to participate in the final vote, you must log into the Forum at least once before January 1st, to indicate your interest.

    Nomination Guidelines

    • To submit a nomination, add a comment on the relevant Forum discussion thread.
    • Please do not submit a nomination on behalf of an organization or multiple people.
    • Detailed, well-researched nominations tend to fare better. You are encouraged to contact the person you wish to nominate and/or use LongSwimsDB as a resource!
    • Nominations may not include assisted swims, undocumented swims, or swims shorter than 10 km. Definition of “documented” swim:

      • Organized race with published rules and results.
      • Solo swim ratified by recognized sanction organization.
      • Independent solo swim documented via MSF Documented Swims (or equivalent standard).
    • New Forum members (registered after November 1, 2018) may not submit nominations.

    Finalist Selection and Voting

    • Finalists will be selected primarily based on community support for the nomination.
    • To support a nomination, click the “like” button.
    • In the event of insufficient nominations or engagement in a category, the admins may adjust the finalists at our discretion.

    Links to Nomination Threads

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    Thanks everyone for the fantastic nominations so far.

    I want to add one comment to the above "General Info" ...

    One of the distinctive features of the MSF Awards, since the beginning, is that we actually fact check the nominations. Along with other controls on multiple-voting, campaigning, and other BS, this is to promote fairness, and the identification of objectively outstanding achievements in marathon swimming.

    If you submit a nomination and receive a fact-checking communication from us, please do not take personal offense. It just means we're seeking more information, and it's not about questioning anybody's honesty. Sometimes there are miscommunications, or different methods of measuring route distances, or imprecisions of memory, and that's fine! The MSF Awards are a community effort.

    I encourage everyone to look at the previous six years of award winners and finalists, and I think you'll agree the results have hit the mark pretty well.

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    Finalists will be announced Monday. If you logged into the Forum at least once during 2018 or the first week of 2019, AND your account was registered before November 1st 2018, you will receive an email with a link to the voting system.

  • Como se hace para votar. Gracias
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