Weekly open water swims

During my hypnotic evening swim today my mind wandered to the idea of having a published list of weekly open water swims that are open to all comers. In other sports I've churned thru, there are weekly runs/rides that kind of just happen - week after week after week, with no leaders and seemingly no organization. They just become a habit of the local community and get carried along by their own momentum. Since it is not uncommon on this forum to read "I'm coming to Chicago/San Diego/Timbuktu next week - anybody want to get together to swim?!", maybe a list of reliable weekly swims would be a way we could meet up in real life when paths cross. And for SURE a way for local communities to grow closer and not swim in isolation. In the Boston area I'm not aware of any such swims that our community supports, despite being large in numbers. We probably need to get on that for next year when the waters warm up.
If you have a weekly swim in your area to share - maybe begin your post with the location for ease of future searching.



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