Vampire Swim 2018 - International Blood Drive by Open Water Swimmers is Now Under Way

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Vampire Swim’s international blood drive by open water swimmers worldwide is now underway. The Swim is an informal open water swim and costume party held around Halloween weekend in approximately 20 venues in Ireland, Scotland, Ontario, and around the United States. Swimmers are asked to give blood in the 6 weeks prior to the swim or make a donation to a blood collection organization in their community.

Vampire Swim was begun in 2015 on the inspiration of Greg O’Connor of Natick, MA, Jaimie Monahan of New York, NY, and Phil White, of Derby, VT. Initially there were about 15 venues. This year, the number of venues has grown to include Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Toronto, Ontario.

For a full listing of venues and contact information see

Regardless of whether swimmers have a venue nearby, we encourage ALL open water swimmers to give blood or make a donation this Fall. Let us know and we will be happy to send any blood giver or donator, a custom Vampire Swim cap and welcome them to our community of Vampire Swimmers. We hope to grow the venues each year. Anyone interested in organizing a new venue, please contact us.

Here's a link to the Vampire Swim 2015 YouTube Video

For more information, please contact Phil White, Director, Kingdom Games at



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    Vampire Swim successful up here in Boston. 43F air temp. 51F water temp.


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