Two swimmer Relay of Lake George- precedent setting?

BridgetBridget New York StateMember

Louise Rourke and I are planning to swim a relay of Lake George in a few weeks. We have not been planning the traditional relay format, and I thought our departure (?) might be of interest.

Our objective is to split the lake by miles. Rather than an hourly increment, we will be starting with 6 miles each, then 5 miles each, until we get to Diane’s Rock. We plan to start together for a short bit, I’ll get on the boat, and Louise will do her first leg. (I could quip here that she will only be swimming with one of her legs anyway, as the other is just along for the ride. . . )

We are planning to finish together- If she starts, I finish, so even if she jumps in to swim the last bit with me, I’ll be the one scraping my legs on Dians’s Rock and clearing the water, and Louise can just make contact or do what works for her. If you haven’t been there Diane’s Rock is not easily accessible. (Could Diane NOT have used the adjacent marina????!!)

In the more usual 6-swimmer, hourly shift relay, each swimmer gets 5 hours on the boat to be warm and eat. Louise and I figure that our 5 mile legs will take between 3.25-3.75 hours (We can usually crank out 5 in three hours.) Louise has been training with one fin through the winter, and did recently get a wetsuit for chillier days, but if she decides to go fin-free on her turns, I would think we would be good to go. Frankly, she has made dramatic strides from being a routine miler to a multi miler, and I don’t see the fin as having a huge impact on her speed at this point. As far as I am concerned, if I can face down having to jump into the water several times in the course of the relay, she can suck up being slightly slower. (I hate getting wet. Ask anyone.) :D

No matter what, we are doing the relay, working with Rotary International to raise awareness and funds for Polio eradication. Is there precedent for a two person relay? Just curious— because even if there is, there are certainly precedents to swims that have changed or expanded over time. Look at the many options for swimming Catalina. Having this relay ratified would be really cool for Louise.

Thanks— That was keeping me awake. I’m camping, and hoping to get a bit of sleep now.

(follow-up: Did sleep. On way home to Ticonderoga, and looking forward to cheering on the next solo swimmer of Lake George tomorrow afternoon!!)

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