North Channel - 2 way

Go, Caroline, go!!!



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    From Infinity Channel Swimming:

    Dr Caroline Block’s 2 way North Irish Channel dream swim came to an end after 26 hours 11 Minutes and over 75km swam taking Caroline half way home on the return leg of the 2way swim.

    The brave decision to retire was made after hours of battling 1000’s of jellyfish in the dark and the with the cold ambient and water temperatures plummeted in the night.

    The guts and determination that this lady showed during this mammoth challenge was second to none.

    Caroline is recovering and resting safely on land.

    Caroline made a successful 1st crossing of the North Irish Channel Ireland to Scotland in a time of 16:45:06.

    Caroline has now equaled a long standing record held by Alison Streeter and Kevin Murphy with three solos crossings each. Putting Caroline in the honour roll with two of the worlds greatest open water swimmers of all time.

    Please hold your head very high Caroline for the superhuman achievement you have accomplished.

    Im sure you will agree that Dr Caroline Block has truly earned the respect and admiration from the open water swimming community.

    Hugs and big respect to @thelittlemerwookie

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    This just boggles the mind. Incredible.


    Just here troubling deaf heaven with my bootless cries...

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    Amazing! From what I heard about that swim, even a single crossing is monumental. This is indeed a brave swim!

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