July 8th, 3rd Annual Castle 10K/5K Open Water Swim, Wellington Lake, Colorado

lakespraylakespray Senior Member
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Come join the greatest land locked open water swimming community in the world and swim the highest elevation, officially sanctioned 10K race on the planet, at 8025 feet/2446 meters in beautiful Wellington Lake, near Bailey, Colorado. A favorite training site for MSF award winners Sarah Thomas and Craig Lenning. http://usopenwaterswimming.org/2018Castle10KEntry.html more information on Wellington Lake https://castlemountainrec.com/



  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    Any information on any open water swimming near Telluride? I will be there from the 14th to 20th, and would LOVE to do some open water while I'm out there.

    My in-laws have an endless pool, and their house is at 10000 feet. To say it's a tough training week is an understatement...

  • sosophiaphiasosophiaphia Colorado USAMember

    @SydneD It isn't specific to Telluride necessarily, but have you seen this thread?: http://marathonswimmers.org/forum/discussion/comment/12690/#Comment_12690

    You could also field your question on the CROWS FB page: https://www.facebook.com/crowswim/

    @lakespray Hoping to join the 5K at Wellington if I can get off work. I'm on a bit of a high after the Solstice Sunset swim and preparing for Horsetooth!

  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    @sosophiaphia Thank you. And yes, I remember that thread!
    Sadly, most seem to be near Denver. Hoping to find something closer.

    Definitely going to head to the FB page. Thanks again,

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    Hi! @SydneD - Telluride is far from Denver and when most of us go there, it's vacation time, not swim time. :-) I don't know anything close. My best advice is to look at a map and find some lakes and try them out when you're there and then report back! It is surrounded by mountains, so getting in and out is slow going and most of the lakes are probably sorta small. I will say, Blue Mesa is about 2 hours from you. I have swum there- it's the largest body of water in Colorado. It's usually fairly cold, but it's clean. If you're there during the week, I imagine it's not too busy. They do have boaters on there, but most are fishermen. I'd say you're safe to swim there if you have a bright buoy to tow behind you (or a kayaker, of course). It's beautiful. But, not super close to Telluride. Good luck! It IS beautiful there.

  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    Hi @ssthomas !
    Thanks so much. I know---it's far from EVERYWHERE! Which is why it takes us forever to get there. My husband partially grew up there and my in-laws live there half of every year. It's gorgeous, but definitely not much of a swimming destination.

    My in-laws have an endless pool, which is great in a pinch, so depending upon family time, I will do that and a combo of lakes around. I've been doing research about every lake and pond I can find. Blue Mesa sounds terrific!

    If I can't swim, I might have to, SHUDDER, go hiking!

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