suunto spartan issue

glennglenn cape town SAMember

so a colleague of mine recently bought a new suunto and is having some issues that i think might just be a setting somewhere. He charged the watch and has used it for a couple of runs. But when he goes to sleep at night the watch seems to shut down and is difficult to "turn on" He ran with the watch while it was still in the "off state and it tracked his steps because when he did get it to turn on it showed the steps he had done that morning. So the watch seems to be working in the back ground but does not appear to turn off. Any thoughts

have the watch now and the display won't turn on but when I push the buttons they vibrate so there is power. Just can't turn it on. Have plugged it into power and no luck


  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    software update seems to have helped. I can access the phone now. will see what happens tonight

  • MoCoMoCo Worcester, MAMember

    in general, if the tech vendor doesn't have support forums, you might have luck reading/posting in the comment threads on DC Rainmaker's review of the product.

    good luck!

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    thanks moco

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