Observers for Bermuda Circumnavigation

Hello, everyone!
I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying summer :)

First, I want to thank everyone for all the advice you have generously given over the last 9+ months. I really took it to heart, have been training hard, and now find myself 10 days from taking on the biggest swim challenge of my life :) Thank you.

So I have a big favor to ask. I will be swimming around the islands of Bermuda on June 21st and I am looking for two observers to be part of my crew.

I have been training with James Adams of In Depth Bermuda. Last week we did a 24 mile, 16 hour, training swim from Dockyard up to St George's and back. It went really well (got to swim with sea turtles!), and I did quite a few shorter swims on the South Side while I was there as well.

I feel really prepared and very excited about this epic adventure :)

I am just unfortunately missing two observers who can impartially document the swim and who have an expertise in the open water swimming community.

Over the last 7 months I have been reaching out one-on-one to people who had expressed an interest but it's a big commitment and people are very busy; I didn't take it personally :)

So here I am reaching out to the community at large to see if anyone might be interested in helping me out. I'm sure I have already talked to quite a few people but it doesn't hurt to ask.

The window for the swim is June 20th to the 22nd, ideally we will start on June 21st, but in case of bad weather we might start a day earlier or later. I will be in Bermuda from June 16-26. I am providing housing for everyone.

If you know of anyone not on the Forum please feel free to pass along my information.

I am very appreciative for any help! Thank you so much! And again, thank you! This would not have been possible without all of you :)


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