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Hi all,

I'm more of an avid reader of the forum, but wanted to share a quick report on my swim of the St. Lucia Channel on May 16. This is an incredible and beautiful place to do a warm water channel swim. I started planning this a little more than a year ago, before the St. Lucia Channel event was formed. As I was making email inquiries, I was connected to Sue Dyson, the event co-director, who was a great help in notifying the appropriate authorities of my swim and finding excellent local crew members for my solo attempt.

I found the shortest repeatable route of 21.2 Miles from the Body Holiday beach in St. Lucia to Grand Terre beach in Martinique. The current near Martinique pushed us east of our planned landing by about a mile or so. I finished in a small patch of sand at the base of a cliff line, 13:56 after the start.

It was a hard swim because of sea sickness, but otherwise, it was great - no sharks or severe jellyfish stings, no hypothermia, no islands of thick seaweed.

I'll share a detailed report when we get back home and I have access to a decent keyboard. There are some photos on my Facebook page (Molly Nance).

I greatly appreciate all of the shared wisdom and support the MSF Forum provides!


Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

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