Berlin: where to train outside?

I'm kinda new to Berlin and looking for a nice spot to do my outdoor training swims when the temperature goes up again. There are a lot of lakes around Berlin, but I'm stuck with public transport and don't want to travel for hours to go swim for 1 or 2 hours. :)

So: does anybody know where to go swimming where there are possibly more people swimming (training)?

I have been watching at the Plötzensee, does anybody have any experience at that place?


  • Very good are Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke. Schlachtensee is about 2,5km oneway. Krumme Lanke about 1,1km oneway (you could also turn at the blue buoy in the middle of the lake, if you start from the south, then this is about 800m oneway). No ships (motor or sail) in neither of them. There are many swimmers training there.

  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member

    Maybe in the Wannsee?


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  • That would be rather dangerous due to the traffic there.

  • ErrrwinErrrwin BerlinMember

    IronMike said:
    Maybe in the Wannsee?

    Wannsee is kinda crowded with all sorts of floating things and a bit too far away from home. Thanks though. :)

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