Sarah Thomas with best in the world ultra running star Courtney Dauwalter

lakespraylakespray Senior Member
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Sportswomen of Colorado 2017 annual awards. Currently two of the best ultra distance athletes in all of sports. Both women received awards in there respective categories. Courtney Dauwalter




  • JaimieJaimie NYCMem​ber

    Amazing ladies! Massive congrats. xx

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    I've been so in awe of Courtney since learning about her last year at this event. I've been following her this year. She's a middle school science teacher who was working full time up until last year, when she took some time off to train and race. She was incredibly nice and humble.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Wow, congratulations to the both of you! So well deserved!

  • phodgeszohophodgeszoho UKSenior Member

    Awesomeness to the power of two! :-)

  • What an awesome award! Well deserved!!!!

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