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The Great North Swim will be my first OW 10km event. I've just looked at the course map and it appears to be 6 laps (each lap being just over a mile in length). The water/feed station is located at the end of each lap. I'm trying to work out the most beneficial feed strategy. I know this is largely personal preference but I'd be interested to get thoughts. I am considering doing a stop on the 2nd and 4th lap only (which i'm hoping will be around the 55min - 1 hour mark). Is that too much or too little?

Separately I've tested Cliff Shot gels which i'm getting on well with. I won't have a support team to hand me water/gels at the feed station so does anyone have a nifty trick to carry liquid gel packs around on the swim?



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    @Sam : I had a similar 10K race at the Best Fest in Mallorca last year, and PLANNED the same feeding schedule as you. During the race, however, I added a quick stop between lap five and six. I just felt I needed it before going into that last lap.

    In unsupported events, I always slip a couple of those gel packs under my swim costume; just in case. The Hammer Nutrition gel packs are barely noticeable.

  • @FlowSwimmers Thanks for your reply. Glad my initial planned strategy is reasonable. How long did you stop for at each feed? I'm really going for a PB at this event so want to minimise time impact but also know i'll need to energy replenished if im going to push myself to hit that PB.

    Unfortunately this event is a compulsory wetsuit one (I probably should have mentioned that) so any ideas on where to stash a gel? Cheers

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    @Sam I didn't stop long...15-20 seconds each time, I'd guess. There were people at the feeding stations to tear open the gel packets and open the bottles of water. We only had to throw the trash back on board.

    I don't really do wetsuits, but I would think you could tuck a gel pack or two in the opening at your ankle or wrist without much of a issue.

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    @FlowSwimmers I'm doing that 10k this year. Is there any sort of feed stop or is it entirely self-supported? Would a tow float be permitted to carry a bottle?

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    I did a 10K last year using Clif Shots. Chocolate at the start. Raspberry at the 1/3 mark. Chocolate for dessert at the 2/3 mark. Worked like a charm. I eat the first one and stuff the other two in my suit. Right cheek raspberry and left cheek chocolate. (R is for Raspberry, if you must know my logic.)

    I've never used a wetsuit, but I'd imagine if you had long sleeves you could stick one in each wrist. If you don't have sleeves, I suppose the legs would work. I also think you could tie them onto a little stringer because they have that little slot in the package. So maybe tied to your zipper line or something like that.

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    @KatieBun There is a boat set up as a feed station with water, gels, etc. Here's a map from the Best Fest site.

    10K Course

  • KatieBunKatieBun CornwallSenior Member

    Thanks. I should have looked it up. Sorry for being so idle!

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