Jeremy McClure - Blind Australian Paralympic Swimmer - Rottnest Channel Triple Crossing

Jeremy has started and is 7.5km into the second leg. Currently tethered to one of his guides, with another swimming nearby wearing a sharkshield. A good friend Amanda is one of his guides. I often see Jeremy at one of the pools I use. Lovely guy. Very inspiring. He has previously done a double crossing.

Total distance ~ 60km (official Rotto Channel distance is 19.7km), estimating ~ 22hrs.



  • Unfortunately Jeremy did not complete his triple crossing. Quote below from his FB page.

    "Second leg completed successfully but not without its challenges. The wind picked up from the SW along with the current pushing us to the north as we swam closer to Rotto. Concerns of hypothermia, deteriorating conditions, remaining daylight hours and a fading crew led to the unfortunate decision to abandon the final leg back to Cottesloe by swim coordinators.
    Pictures show us approaching Rotto and at Natural Jetty after the decision to cancel third crossing."

    Still an amazing swim. That's 2 double crossings Jeremy has done now, with a triple still in the works for a future date.

  • phodgeszohophodgeszoho UKSenior Member

    Awesome! Congratulations on successful two-way Rottnest. :-)

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