Write-in Campaign for Evan Morrison - Streeter Award 2017

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The breadth and depth of this year's Streeter nominations is staggering and truly reflects the beauty and strength of this community of open water swimmers and their support. But, as we all know, the name with the most "likes" during the formulation of these nominations has not been included for our consideration. I am therefore starting a write in campaign for Evan Morrison. If you choose to support Evan for this award, like this post.

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    Evan, to his credit, has insisted that he cannot be named as a winner in this category because he is the one counting the votes. Some have suggested that we create another award that he is not a part of.

    HOWEVER, I feel pretty strongly that Evan's name BELONGS on this award, for service to the marathon swimming community. If this is truly an award involving nominations by peers and voting by peers, Evan is clearly a candidate.

    I am happy to be the one to "count votes" so that Evan can be considered, and I'm sure there are many others also willing to do so, so that Evan's name can be considered.

    In the meantime, please like the lead post, so that we can take our own vote on this issue.



  • Don't mean to be a fly in the ointment but apart from running the forum I'm not aware of Evan's achievements and wouldn't want to steamroller the achievements of the other finalists. Can you add a little meat to the bone? Sorry Evan, mate!

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    @warmwater: refer to the CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2017 Streeter Award for Service to Marathon Swimming thread for some back up.

    There are absolutely great folks to pick from in the finalists Evan presented. I just think there is a growing recognition among a lot of us in ALL that Evan does, quietly and without asking for recognition.

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    Fair enough. I will try to make a comprehensive nomination. And, yes, there are many other worthy nominees, including two I personally nominated, Elaine Kornbau Howley and Greg O'Connor.

    Evan is a co-founder of the Marathon Swimmers Federation and he has been a hard working, daily muscle to maintain and grow the vigorous relevance of this organization for over 5 years. This is no small feat. In addition to creating the platform for a wide variety of discussions, the Federation has established rules for marathon swimming and has begun to document and verify swims completed in conformity with these rules. The work involved in these efforts is staggering.

    Evan has served as an observer for scores of ultra marathon swims. First time I met him, he was quietly observing a Catalina crossing by Ned Denison (as Ned claimed his triple crown) in 2012. Last time I saw Evan he was observing for Sarah Thomas in her record setting 104 mile swim on Lake Champlain in 2017.

    Evan serves as President of the Santa Barbara Channel Crossing Association and is a voting member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

    Evan has created and runs tracker.rs which digitally tracks swims and is invaluable to swimmers seeking to document and verify their swims. This has increasingly become the tracker of choice for many. The work involved in assuring the accurate functioning of this new technology is constant and sometimes fairly intense.

    I am aware of the kind of demand each of these contributions entails and the dedication Evan brings to assure the efficacy of each of these activities.

    I'm sure I've missed much. But any one of these activities could justify his nomination for the Streeter Award. Collectively they are compelling, at least in my view.


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