Best Fest Open Water Swimming Festival in Mallorca, Spain

Last spring, I participated in and thoroughly enjoyed the Best Fest Open Water Swimming Festival on the island of Mallorca off the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. I'm hoping to go again in 2018, and it would be GREAT to have more swimmers from the US!

The week-long festival (May 26 - June 2) features 8 events in 7 days with three being particularly competitive (1.5K, 5K, and 10K), and the remaining 5 are fun "challenges" including a 4 x 500 relay. Each event takes place in a different bay in the area, and ALL are in walking distance from town.

In addition to the swims, there are both pool and open water coaching seminars and presentations. Last year, Kari-anne Payne (British Open Water National Champion) spoke AND coached. Paul Newsome, the founder of Swim Smooth also held several pool and open water technique sessions. All of the sessions are free!

The Best Center, 50-meter pool training center in Colonia Sant Jordi hosts the event, and they do an AMAZING JOB! There are prizes, post-event raffles, and a paella lunch during the week. Matthew, James, and Pamela from the Best Center do a GREAT job!



  • FlowSwimmersFlowSwimmers Polson, MontanaMember

    This is a wonderful event in late May (May 26-June 1). In addition to 8 events over 7 days, FREE open water clinics are available to everyone during the week. The hosts do an amazing job, and the event is really fun.

    Contact me if you're interested in additional details.

    2019 BEST FEST

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