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FlowSwimmersFlowSwimmers Polson, MontanaMember

After three years on the USMS Coaches Committee, I am transitioning to the Open Water Committee. If there are issues that any MSF Forum users would like me to address in my role on this committee, I am happy to represent!



  • MoCoMoCo Worcester, MASenior Member

    cough allowing people to hang on kayaks cough

  • lakespraylakespray Senior Member

    Of course the kayak/boat hanging. After all the open water safety concerns and insurance issues that USMS has had these last five years, it's unbelievable this rule even was proposed led alone passed.

    For every boat hanger in a race it effectively removes that boat from it's primary duty of focusing on swimmer safety and unable to respond to a real emergency.

    Repeal, and do not replace.

  • JaimieJaimie NYCMem​ber
    edited November 2017

    Congrats Coach Mark @FlowSwimmers ! Thanks for representing swimmers of all kinds. I think you are in good company with @j9swim and @Bob_Singer and maybe other MSF members too!

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    Looking forward to work with you Mark @FlowSwimmers and the rest of the tribe. Hopefully we can help USMS find its way back to the sport of OWS. The committee is led by Ali Hall another accomplished marathon swimmer.

  • FilFil Derby, VTCharter Member

    FINA fast suit rule.

  • curlycurly Issaquah, WASenior Member

    Wetsuits need a separate division.

  • wendyv34wendyv34 Vashon, WASenior Member

    Wetsuits are usually in a separate division at USMS events.


    It's always a bad hair day when you work at a pool.

  • curlycurly Issaquah, WASenior Member

    wendyv34 said:
    Wetsuits are usually in a separate division at USMS events.

    Oops, I think I got my swim organizations mixed up. Never mind... :|

  • I would love to see some way to initiate Open Water clinics.
    Basically a swim that is not a race, with people willing to be swim buddies/ mentors to team mates and fellow swimmers. I think so many swimmers hesitate to even try open water because they have never done it, and a race seems too intimidating to many people. Not that I mind being one of the "crazies" on my team, but I would love to see more people try OW and if we have more people trying it and doing it we can get more opportunities to swim. Our summers are short here in the Midwest, and I would love to have more than 1 race/ swim a month- but with out the interest in the sport there isn't a real demand for more.

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member

    @Camille - there is no reason you can't run an open water clinic without USMS involvement The CIBBOWS org does this 6-8 times a season - they have a format, volunteers, and everyone signs a release form. Its NOT how to swim but rather how to be safe in the open water, tides, sighting, etc. Its really wonderful - skins and suits combined, its expanded the size of the pod that swims there on weekends and really helps people build confidence and find others to swim with. i myself am a product of a Capri led clinic. GO DO IT!

  • PMS used to do "Intro to Open Water " clinics headed by the venerable Gary Emich, Glenda Carroll as organizer and myself and Suzanne Heim as some of the coaches. It's kind of gone by the wayside but @j9swim is right.. no need to do one under USMS auspices. I also know that @molly1205 also does a couple a year at her Lincoln NE lake ( whose name escapes me!!) The Nebraska Cornhusker Games this year ( aquatic division) was lead by the lovely Molly and Paul and my sister and I had a great weekend in Lincoln. VERY low key, VERY well supported events.

  • molly1205molly1205 Lincoln, NebraskaSenior Member

    Thanks @Suzieidods. We will again host a clinic and the open water swimming events for the Cornhusker State Games. Swimmers of the corn!

    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • gregorywannabegregorywannabe Senior Member
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    Swimming WA and Masters Swimming WA (that's Western Australia for all you Northern Hemispherites ;) ) have many OWS events each summer. Most include 1.25k, 2.5k, 5k and some 10k BUT nearly all also include a "newbie" distance of 400m-500m. This wave goes off first and no other waves go until they're finished. They can also have chaperones, particularly for young kids. The chaperones can then also swim one of the other waves if registered. It seems to work quite well.


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