Reminders about the MSF Awards process

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Thanks everyone for the fantastic nominations so far, and please keep 'em coming for the next couple of weeks, but better sooner than later.

A reminder that, as in the previous 5 years we've run the MSF Awards, only Forum members registered before the opening of nominations (November 1) are eligible to vote in the awards.

So, please don't ask all your family & friends to join the Forum for the sole purpose of stuffing the ballot box for a certain nominee - they won't be able to vote anyway.

This is to incentivize long-term participation in the community, and to discourage short-term vote manipulation efforts.

Of course, if your mom or best friend has a genuine interest in marathon swimming, we welcome their vote in next year's awards, and look forward to their comments on ongoing discussions.

As an additional restriction this year, to further the above goal, and to reduce wasted email bandwidth, we will only be sending voting emails to Forum members who have either (a) logged in at least once in the past 12 months, or (b) voted in previous awards.

Thanks for your understanding that the purpose of the MSF Awards is to identify and recognize the most outstanding achievements in the sport, rather than the best get-out-the-vote campaigns.

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