Oceans 7 #1 of “The Weather Channel's Top Ten: Extreme Adventures”

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You can see just the Oceans Seven part at the Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

It features formidable swimmer and unflagging advocate and organizer, Darren Miller. Great to see Marathon Swimming and @ForeverSwim in the mainstream media!

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    Appreciate the kind words Jan! This was a great win for our sport, as I love when it is featured in the national spotlight - especially for it to be ranked ahead of some amazing global challenges! I was a huge Weather Channel fan growing up, so it meant a lot to be a part of the Oceans Seven segment. I did my best to represent our sport.

    Media mix-up: I saw a shark in the Tsugaru Channel, not the Catalina Channel. Oh, and 'ocean swimmer extraordinaire'? Yeah, would never consider myself that. But you who know me, already knew that...


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