Sandycove Island Swimming Club welcomes its 2nd & 3rd Triple Crown swimmers

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Sandycove Island Swim Club (SISC), Ireland, welcomed Craig Morrison, our second Aussie import to The Club, after a fantastic 12 hours and 27 minutes on the 15th of July, and with high winds for the last hours he is now also a member of the unofficial English Channel Force Five Club, (one club of which no-one wants to be a member). Craig was only the 4th successful Soloist, because of early-season horrendous summer weather in the Strait and northern Europe.

Craig was coached by our now legendary Coach, Eilis Burns, as have all our EC Soloists.

Craig went out under CSA pilot Andy King on Louise Jane, who planned the tenuous weather window and path with stunning accuracy. Craig is the first of our merry band to swim with the CSA, previously us all being CS&PF swimmers.

Also last week, SISC member Eddie Irwin became Ireland's first Triple Crown swimmer when he completed the Catalina Channel in 9 hours 31. Eddie Soloed the EC in 2008, and MIMS in 2011 (amongst his other swims).

Four other members of the Club have two Triple Crown legs completed. Two more will attempt Catalina this season, one will attempt Zurich. Other swims by Club Members, (some have swum many of these), include Gibraltar, Hellespont, Rottnest, Robben Island, Zurich, Skelligs, Round Cobh, Round Valentia, Santa Barbara and of course Lisa Cummins's two-way EC.

SISC's quest for world domination will continue with four (I think) more EC Aspirants also going out this season.

Within only ten years Sandycove has become the third most successful English Channel location in the world. Club Secretary and founding member Ned Denison's annual early summer Cork Distance Week has justifiably become renowned as the toughest nine days of open water training in the world.

The SISC EC Solo list now stands at:

01. Diarmuid O'Brien
02. Ned Denison (Member International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame)(Triple Crown)
03. Imelda Lynch
04. Danny Coholane
05. Ray Terry
06. Finbarr Hedderman
07. Eddie Irwin (Triple Crown)
08. Niall O'Cruaillaigh
09. Lisa Cummins (Two-way)
10. Owen O'Keeffe (Youngest Irish Soloist)
11. Sylvain Estadieu
12. Liam Maher
13. Jennifer Hurley
14. Donal Buckley
15. Ciaran Byrne
16. Gábor Molnar (Triple Crown)
17. Craig Morrison
18. Jennifer Lane
19. Robert Bohane

(About a third are Forum members at the moment).

Since @Craig, Jennifer Lane became the club's 18th Channel Solo swimmer, who Soloed on the 22nd of July on Sea Satin with Lance Oram and the CS&PF. And we are now joined by Rob "The Bull" Bohane who Soloed with Andy King on Louise Jane and the CSA in twelve hours and four minutes.


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    On Sunday 22nd Sandycove Island Swim Club welcomed its 18th Channel Soloist, Jennifer Lane. Jen Soloed in just over 13 hours with the CS&PF and Lance Oram on Sea Satin. Congratulations Channel Swimmer!

    Tragically, as most of you know by now, we lost our friend and club member Paraic Casey earlier the same day in the Channel. The CS&PF and Sandycove Island statement is here.

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    RIP, Paraic Casey.

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

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    SISC now welcomes Rob "The Bull" Bohane as the 19th English Channel Soloist. The Bull Soloed with Andy King on Louise Jane and the CSA in twelve hours and four minutes. Rob's story is legendary in the club as is he himself. It was with the greatest joy that I screamed the magic words "welcome to the club" down the phone to him.

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    SISC celebrates its 2nd and 3rd Triple Crown swimmers.

    Last week, with forum co-founder @evmo as crew, SISC club co-founder and forum member @Ned Denison completed Catalina Channel in 8 Hrs 50 mins, becoming the second club member to achieve the Triple Crown this year. A couple of days previously @evmo took Ned's Santa Barbara Channel record by the way so ned reciprocated by beating Evan in Catalina! A couple of days later Ned was inducted into the IMSHOF as an Honour Administrator (with a very significant swimming record).

    This week Gábor Molnar completed his Triple Crown, in 9 hrs flat. Gábor is also the first Hungarian Triple Crown swimmer. Both Soloed with Outrider.

    Many of the club's marathon swimmers will take to the water next weekend for an easy first time swim to round off the season. Then it's the annual Channel party to look forward to.

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