2018 MSF Photo Calendar

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It's that time of year again!

We're accepting submissions for the annual MSF Photo Calendar. The submission page is here:


As in prior years:

  • Please submit only your own photos, or photos you have been given permission to submit by the person who took it.
  • Please submit the original, full-resolution image, minimum 1200-pixel width.
  • The photographer retains ownership and copyright of any submitted images. You are providing limited permission to MSF to use the image in the calendar, on the front page of marathonswimmers.org, and the MSF facebook page.
  • MSF cannot provide financial compensation for the use of any photos. However, owners of any images selected for the final calendar will receive a free copy of the calendar, and name recognition below the printed photo.
  • Photos should be recognizably about some aspect of swimming (i.e., not just pure landscape).
  • Photos of swimmers' arms will only be selected if they are truly extraordinary - because everyone submits photos of swimmers' arms.

Links to 2016 and 2017 calendars:

Thank you! Any questions, post 'em here.



  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    edited October 2017

    @evmo, I tried twice to upload a picture (2614KB and 4032 x 3024 pixels) and keep getting this in read in the bar below the browse box:

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • ForeverSwimForeverSwim Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaCharter Member
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    @evmo Yes, I tried as well, and the bottom half of the screen turns grey and won't let me submit

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited October 2017

    Thanks for the heads-up. I thought I'd tested it, but apparently not enough.

    The issue should be fixed now.

    If you still have trouble with the form, feel free to email it to me: evan at marathonswimmers dot org .... please include image attachment, name of photog, and a caption.

    Already 10 submissions this morning -- cheers!

  • VanMouVanMou San Luis Obispo, CASenior Member

    @evmo, I bet you get many good photos that don't get selected. Maybe you are already doing this...and I am unaware, but it would be cool if you provided the many runners-up for each calendar year in a yearly gallery that could be viewed.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited October 2017

    We've been getting some awesome submissions - thanks everyone!

    If you plan to submit a photo, please do so by the end of the month, October 31. Cheers!

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    Last call for photo submissions. Thanks!

  • LynnkubLynnkub Charter Mem​ber
    edited November 2017

    Oops...I was so overwhelmed with my daughter's wedding, CCSF/SBCSA Awards and Swim Camp, I just got these last two in. :'(
    Can I save them for next year?

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited November 2017

    Thanks to everyone who submitted photos this year. Over 50 images had to be winnowed down to 13, and inevitably some excellent photos didn't quite make it into the final calendar.


    As in previous years, technical merit was the primary consideration, followed by (in no particular order) geographical diversity, gender balance, and unusual subjects or perspectives.

    We had several professional-quality submissions - by highly skilled photographers with high quality equipment - these will always have an advantage. Hence the multi-year appearances of Peter Ray and Ken Classen. Newcomer David Travis made a splash with a stunning portrait of Ted Erikson (February) and a December silhouette at the same location (Promontory Point, Chicago). Ted turns 90 years old in February, incidentally.

    With both Ken Classen and Cathy Delneo documenting Sarah Thomas' Lake Champlain swim with DSLR cameras, there were enough amazing images to fill an entire calendar of Sarah's swim alone. The fact that Sarah was also featured twice in last year's calendar was not considered. We're fortunate to live in an era where someone can swim 80 miles one year.... and follow it up with a 104.6 mile swim the next year. The calendar selection reflects this.

    @Superfish Jeff Miller's appearance in the otherworldly blue waters of the Virgin Islands is especially poignant given the subsequent devastation from hurricanes.

    Look at @loneswimmer and @AnthonyMcCarley in May. What are they thinking / saying?

    Look at the colors of November - @wendyv swimming in Puget Sound.

    Things that didn't work (and never work):

    • Photos less than 1200 pixels resolution, widthwise.
    • Photos taken with 90s-era flip-phones.
    • Photos of groups of wetsuit swimmers.
    • Posed photos.
    • Photos with badly tilted horizons.
    • Over-processed photos.
    • Photos not recognizably about some aspect of swimming.

    Donal may have additional comments.


  • brunobruno Barcelona (Spain)Senior Member

    Amazing collection, as amazing must be the story behind each photo.

    I love specially February, May, June, August.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited November 2017

    In acknowledgement of Dave @VanMou's request:

    I bet you get many good photos that don't get selected. Maybe you are already doing this...and I am unaware, but it would be cool if you provided the many runners-up for each calendar year in a yearly gallery that could be viewed.

    we will offer a few runners-up.

    Starting with Dave's submission, a beautiful photo-of-a-photo, of unknown provenance. This is Leonore Modell, one of the first to swim the length of Lake Tahoe, in 1963 at age 13.

    Dave notes "the Vintage Italian-made Cressi Swim Goggles"

  • JaimieJaimie NYCMem​ber

    I really love the above photo but understand you can't include if you don't know (and have permission from) the source. I want to see the photos taken by 90's flip phones!

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited November 2017

    Another runner-up, this is @batches during the 3 Rivers Marathon Swim. Thanks @ForeverSwim for this submission... wonderful view of both the Pittsburgh skyline and arguably the best marathon 'flyer swimming today.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    Another one of @batches, a beautiful scene on Lake Memphremagog courtesy of @Fil White. Thank you, Phil!

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    We know the waterways around NYC are busy, but then there's that time when the jetski convention came through during 20 Bridges. Photo by Hugh Darlington. Featuring Richard Clifford and Tom Linthicum.

  • swimrn62swimrn62 Stowe, VTSenior Member

    How did this photo not make the calendar? I'm really just curious. I may be partial because I was on (not in) the water that day. That high elbow of Tom's peeping out in front of the police boat is just an amazing shot.

  • Those of us lucky enough to know Tom, aka "reptile" short for "reptile brain"- know that he was completely oblivious. He had no idea! Which is probably a good thing.
    Reptile brain is a compliment... just fyi. :)

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    We had three submissions from a photogenic misty morning near the start of @Fil's Border Buster on Lake Memphremagog:

    From @kejoyce:

    From @copelj:

    And from @Fil himself:

    Thank you Kellie, John, & Phil!

  • lakespraylakespray Senior Member

    @copelj really like your photo.

  • DSC00918_edited-1
    Here's one for discussion. From my first mile butterfly event. Great Chesapeake Bay Swim One Mile Challenge on 12 June 2011.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    @IronMike under the Brooklyn Bridge!

    Lauren Byron in the Boston Light Swim!

    Thank you for these submissions!

  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    edited December 2017

    I never got through to the photographer of these wonderful pictures from lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan, so I wasn't able to submit them. Maybe next year!


    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • LynnkubLynnkub Charter Mem​ber

    Just blown away by the beauty of the runner-up photos.
    MSF could do a coffee table book on "The Aesthetics of Marathon Swimming"...maybe coupled with good documentation. Would be a neat gift for marathon swimming geeks, families, and support systems.

  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member

    Lynnkub said:
    Just blown away by the beauty of the runner-up photos.
    MSF could do a coffee table book on "The Aesthetics of Marathon Swimming"...maybe coupled with good documentation. Would be a neat gift for marathon swimming geeks, families, and support systems.

    That's a great idea. And with outfits like SnapFish, probably doable. Hmm...


    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    edited December 2017

    Thanks to all who have purchased calendars.

    Just received them from the printer - they look awesome, and will be departing SF via USPS tomorrow.

  • Copelj26Copelj26 ChicagoSenior Member
    edited December 2017

    lakespray said:
    @copelj really like your photo.

    @lakespray credit goes to my kayaker, I just submitted the photo with his permission

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    Calendar is sold out. Thanks to all, and may your 2018 be as epic as these photos!

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    OK, we're doing one more limited run - they are back in stock at the MSF Store. These are Sunday-Saturday format only.

  • I got mine thank you. Looking at that photo of Sarah... whooo. Strength, grace and power all wrapped up in one.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    I have four 2018 photo calendars left (Sunday-to-Saturday format). This is the one with @ssthomas on the cover from her Century Swim - a cool keepsake.

    They're on clearance sale for $10 each, including shipping (50% off). Go to the MSF Store:


    Shipping to US addresses only, please.

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