Holding a taper

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Are there any guidelines for holding your taper to cover an extended period of bad weather? Given the current spell of bad weather @ Dover, how long can you stay rested without starting to see a drop off in form? Assuming you're still swimming an hour or so daily to stave off boredom and keep things ticking over, how long can you or should you continue this?
Should you do all easy swimming? Should there be some effort included? etc

Any thoughts most welcome.


  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    If there are guidelines on this, I don't know what they are. So much of taper (and by extension, holding a taper) depends on "feel" and is probably unique to the individual. My preference would be to combine slow, technique-focused swimming with speed/pace work. Just enough speed/pace work to maintain a feel for the water without getting fatigued. I like doing a few repeat 100s, aiming to hit a specific time as easily as possible. Not unlike target practice in golf, hitting 9-irons to a specific spot on a driving range.

    Best done in a pool, obviously. I actually have no idea: Are there pools in Dover for swimmers to train in, or just the harbor?
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