Messenian Gulf 2017

Several forum members ( @dccliff, @Ned, @Lori_k, others?) found themselves in the Messenian Gulf (Kalamata to Koroni) this weekend. As a 2018 Greek-swim-aspirant (Messenian and/or Toroneos), I'd be interested in hearing anything the swimmers and escorters had to say about this event: Swim organization (e.g., how do you go about acquiring an escort boat)? Swim conditions? Anything you wish you had known going in? Surprises? Overall impressions?



  • phodgeszohophodgeszoho UKSenior Member

    Is there a link anywhere to a map/route for this swim?

  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    Thank you so much for asking this! I am also SUPER interested in this. I've looked at Toroneos and this looks equally compelling.

  • Frustrating site, I don't actually see anything about the races themselves - to/from, distance etc..? Am I blind?

  • Sorry I am late on this. I had been watching this swim for years. It is difficult to find info on it but I e-mailed the race director in December 2016. He told me that they would have a date posted around March. You just have to keep going onto the site and checking for updates. The cost of the swim is cheap (around 250 €). They house the swimmers from Thursday to Sunday). Boat escorts are included in the price of the swim. They give you your pilot the night before the swim. This is done by lottery so it is all fair.

    If you do not have a crew member, you need to let them know and they will provide one for an extra 50€.

    Airfare is what is expensive. You can fly direct to Kalamata which was very expensive or you can fly into Athens and take a bus for about 45€. You would take the bus from the airport to the central bus terminal -about 1 hr. Cost was about 12€. From there you will get a connecting bus to Kalamata for around 30€. We missed the bus by 3 minutes and had to wait 2 1/2 hrs so that was not fun but it was easy to figure out. I hope this helps

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    I was Lori_K crew for the swim, its truly beautiful clear clean water. A couple of other things to add. Don't expect the boat captains to speak translate can be helpful. The back 1/2 of the swim turned very rough, swells 4-6 feet so pre mix the feeds and bring a long rope. These are mostly fishing boats, don't expect a head on board. the swim is well run, our boat captain was wonderful and kept us on a favorable line, it was a wonderful weekend, highly recommend!

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