5 & 10 k indoor (pool) "race"

JacqueJacque M. (Germany)Member

@admin: I hope it is ok to post this?

Hi all,
while planning the next season and the high points of winter training after finishing Lake Zurich last month I stumbled across an event in the London Aquatics Centre in November. They intend to set up a 10k - "race" in a very specific form. You do not swim just up and down in your lane with some poor person counting, but you have to switch to the next lane after going up and down, repeat for all 10 lanes (= 1k), walk around the pool to lane 1 and start over. Sounds like a lot of fun and might be a long distance set with lots of other swimmers. I just entered and would love to meet fellow MSF-Swimmers. :-) Jacque
Link: https://www.marathonswims.com/



  • That does sound fun! I wish I could make it to London!

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    I'd like to see something like that here in the US. We sometimes have 100 × 100 swims around the Christmas /New Year's week, but this looks like an interesting format.

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