Kidney stones and marathon swimming

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Hey gang,

Yeah, asking b/c I recently had one--clear now, thank God--no fun, though... involved 2 visits to the ER two weeks apart, the first being three days before the Great South Bay Swim... although fortunately, I was feeling well enough on swim day to go ahead w/ it. I didn't have a fast time, for sure, but that was, I think, more b/c of choppy conditions than because of how I felt.

Anyway, I want to get some input from anyone who has dealt w them while training for marathon swims.

The one concerning bit of advice on diet is that of limiting protein. Yet participating in endurance sports makes me crave protein. Foods I've been warned away from: spinach, nuts, eggs, seafood, all stuff I've found helps sustain me for distance (although granted, my "distance" is quite humble compared to what many of you have done). (A sports nutritionist friend recommended extra spinach and other leafy veggies, as well as an egg w/ breakfast (I gravitate toward cereal and coffee)--and Hammer Endurolytes.

If you've had kidney stones and your doctor has recommended a specific diet, what foods within those guidelines have you found most helpful for keeping up your energy during training and/or marathon swims?

Looking for (a) best strategy to prevent stones while (b) keeping properly fueled while training.

Thanks! Good swimming to all!

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