San Francisco 24 Hour Relay - February 2018

suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber
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Just throwing this out there...
PLANNED for the FIRST weekend in February 2018.
Location Aquatic Park SF CA USA Earth
Club - TBD
Cost - $75 (preferred method of payment is paypal, I tend to lose checks and I don't want cash)
A couple of changes from previous years- NO team smaller than 5.
There will be a participant limit of 50 people. While it was FABULOUS to have sooo many swimmers , it was a bit much for the facility and well frankly, I didn't get to talk to everyone!
Please email me at or call me 41-531-3374 if you have questions.
That is all.
This will be the 5th year and I'm so excited to see so many other 24 hour relay events happening as well, (L.O.S.T, looking at you!)



  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    24h x 60 min / 5 = 288 min/person for a team of 5
    Definitely more than enough

  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CASenior Member

    Pick ME!!!

  • RobRob Reno NVMember

    Suzie, does this event fill up quickly? If so when should we have our team registered? Looks like an awesome event.

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber

    Rob, I have to get it approved ( usually happens in November) and then you need to pay. :). I then either put you on a team or you tell me which team you are on.
    I believe , as I said, I will have to limit the participants to 50 this year but that will be determined by the November Board meeting.
    Sit tight for a bit..:) but do let me know if you have any questions. There are 4 previous threads on the event for your enjoyment.

  • molly1205molly1205 Lincoln, NebraskaSenior Member

    Team Dods! Woo hoo! I'll bring my kayaker this time :-)


    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Put me on a team that doesn't mind a slow swimmer. :)

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    dpm50 said:
    Put me on a team that doesn't mind a slow swimmer. :)

    Speed is truly irrelevant at this event. Ability to stay in the water awhile, especially at 2am, is highly prized.

  • rosemarymintrosemarymint Charleston, SCCharter Member

    What @evmo said. It's all about time, not so much distance. I know folks (not gonna say who) who did some of their time just standing in knee-deep water for an hour.

    Make sure you eat enough, because I didn't and I think that's why I became a zombie at midnight -- BUT I DID GO IN AT 4am!!!

    My life is about to undergo a massive and abrupt shift in the next month, so I sadly can't commit yet. But boy oh boy it's fun, even though the exhaustion afterward is pretty epic.

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    rosemarymint said:

    I know folks (not gonna say who) who did some of their time just standing in knee-deep water for an hour.

    ME! And @Karl_Kingery and @malinaka and @uss_lenning and @AnthonyMcCarley, for starters. :-)

    I really hate 3 am. :-)

  • Karl_KingeryKarl_Kingery Denver, COSenior Member

    After we found out that @emkhowley was sick, we decided that we needed to stand in solidarity for her until her return. ;)

  • rosemarymintrosemarymint Charleston, SCCharter Member

    ssthomas said:

    rosemarymint said:

    I know folks (not gonna say who) who did some of their time just standing in knee-deep water for an hour.

    ME! And @Karl_Kingery and @malinaka and @uss_lenning and @AnthonyMcCarley, for starters. :-)

    I really hate 3 am. :-)

    WAIT!!! ANTHONY was standing too????? I did not know this!

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    rosemarymint said:
    WAIT!!! ANTHONY was standing too????? I did not know this!

    It's true. Standing is an art form, just so you know. :-)

  • Uh oh... I did not know this... Anthony? Craig ( I knew about Craig) Andrew AND Karl????
    Sheesh.. so much for the ED ( Event Director) being on top of it all...

  • molly1205molly1205 Lincoln, NebraskaSenior Member

    All of those swimmers are outstanding in their fields.


    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • molly1205 said:
    All of those swimmers are outstanding in their fields.

    OUTstanding, eh? Well I think in this case they were standing in the water ;)

  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber

    we're specialists in standing. :-)

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member


    Speed is truly irrelevant at this event. Ability to stay in the water awhile, especially at 2am, is highly prized.

    I have to work on that cold water tolerance too! But I figure this could be a fun excuse to acclimate! :)

  • Just a heads up.. working w the swim comish at SERC to bring event back to SERC.
    This may also include a change in the way payment is processed.
    If you are a SERC member and would like to see the event return to SERC please pm me.

  • We have a venue and we may be doing a dual venue. I got UNANIMOUS (!!) approval from SERC board to have the event at SERC, but thinking about it I believe that we will be having dinner at DC and maybe sleeping at DC... stay tuned.
    DO NOT SEND payment .I believe that the funds will be handled differently this year, I have to speak with the SERC treasurer. Cost remains $75, let me know if you have questions about that.
    DO email me if you are interested as I am going to put a "soft " cap of 50 people. You do not need a team, I will find/make you one.
    Also , smallest team is 5 people.. not 4.
    But we do have an event!

  • Heads up again- The cost will be $78 as the site that SERC uses takes %3. DO NOT PAY ME. There is a cap of 60 swimmers and as soon as the site is up ( probably in a week or two) I will notify you here and on fb.
    At this point it's ALL at SERC and sleeping will be a bit tighter but we may actually have use of both clubs ( at least, that's my goal).

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    ETA on registration? :-*

  • @JustSwim et al... I need to talk to Kelly P to set it up fully. She just got back from Tsugaru St so and I am coaching this weekend.. so maybe next week? I am sorry for the delay and the onerous process.

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    Nots to worry. Big day for folks with the entries opening up today for SCAR, 20 Bridges and 8 Bridges.

  • It's LIVE now...
    Supposedly you don't have to create an account.
    If you are ON a team , let me know by email or text- not on the registration page please.
    Min team is 5- max is 12.
    Wow-- I need to start thinking about goody bags and meals!

  • WHEN YOU SIGN UP *** PLEASE text or email that you have done so.
    Text 415-531-3374- Please let me know who you at the same time and if you are on a team & who is on that team.
    I am having a devil of a time using the 'sports engine" site..
    I think you can screen shot me your reg page..
    Sorry.. I am regretting being made to use this!!

  • Things are looking good. We have 30 sign ups, so halfway filled. We have the use of the DC dock ( it's more protected than SERC dock) and we have use of the DC upstairs room for stashing stuff and sleeping from 11pm to 6am... working on locker sharing. I'll try to update in fb as well.

  • LynnkubLynnkub Charter Mem​ber

    Last year I was able to find a comfy corner to stow my stuff. I have made a small batch (24 bars) of OPEN (24 hour) soap to bring as gifts as well. Sooooooo looking forward to this!!!

  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CASenior Member

    I have placed my bars of Lynn's soaps strategically where I can smell them when I first arise in the morning. Makes me think of @Lynnkub and Swim Camp Catalina. Can't wait to see you again Lynn!!

  • LynnkubLynnkub Charter Mem​ber

    The 24-Hour Relay is a bright shining beacon in 2018! Can hardly wait to see you too!!! These things are like family reunions! (You know, the "good-not-terribly-crazy" family that you WANT to see)

  • I believe we have 5 spots left. IF you can't sign up, let me know. I can find a space for you.
    There are some new folks ( YEAH!) and some new states represented.
    I doubt we'll get any folks from out of the country this year, sadly.
    I am meeting with the DC board to see if we can use their facility as well as SERC, especially for napping and showering.
    Stay tuned.
    Thanks everyone for all the cheer.

  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CASenior Member

    Thanks @suziedods for all your hard work on getting this thing organized. I know I look forward to it each year as do so many of us crazies! Thanks for bringing us all together and introducing ME to all the fab people you know.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    Finally coming down into the reasonably bracing zone:

    Still hoping for sub-50 at the 24HR one of these years!

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber
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    So.. technically we are sold out at 65 spots. I know there will be a few stragglers and a few drop outs.
    I am meeting w the DC Board on Wed the 20th to see if we can truly make this a shared event, but at this point if you have not paid then I'm going to have to say no.
    BUT WAIT.. Please.. come to the dinner on Friday night.. come by at .230AM on Sunday AM... come by at 8Am on Sunday.. or 7 pm on Saturday.. come by to say hi, come by to help, to kayak to clean up a bit..
    This is a chance, in the dead of winter to meet all those FB "friends' to sit and chew the fat ( or eat pizza and GET fat) .
    One of the reasons for putting a cap on it is because at 75 entries last year , it was hard to catch a moment to talk with everyone.Make the time this year.
    suzie d

  • SwimUpStreamSwimUpStream Portland Oregon Member

    Thank you Suzie! I can say this has been a huge goal swim for some Portland swimmers. They have spent all fall acclimating. It’s changed their concept, and mine, about the length of our OW season! We’ve learned so much in the process! I’m so excited to show them off!!

  • It's hanging at 54/53 ish.. the nights have been cold. Which is not to say everything won't change by Feb but it looks as if we have this massive high pressure system again. Which means short showers and longer saunas.
    Those of you who have participated before.. maybe a "top tips" for the newbies?
    What did you bring that you didn't need?
    What did you not bring that you wished you had?
    Mind you- unless you absolutely need that green fuzzy multi pocketed pair of warm mittens that you got in Uzbehkistan.. I think most things can be acquired in SF..

    This will be gluten free friendly but maybe no so vegan friendly although we'll do our best.

  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber
    edited December 2017

    Details*** We will be able to use the DC handball court for stashing stuff and sleeping. We will NOT be able to use the SERC handball courts. DC members will be able to use the DC showers and lockers, non SERC/DC members will use the SERC locker rooms /showers.
    We will be based off the DC dock ( it has better wind protection).
    So, it is truly a dual club event which makes me so happy.
    All these details will be explained Friday night dinner as well.
    That is all!

  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CASenior Member

    Ear plugs for sleeping if you choose to sleep in the CLUB. Snoring can get loud. Headlamps at night are nice as well. If anyone needs extra pillows or blankets let me know I have a few extra and live close enough I can bring them. Extra long cords for charging your phones. CAMERAS that are waterproof to catch all the fun shots in and out of the water. A good sense of humor for the late night/early morning hours.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Flights booked! @suziedods .... can you please remind me again which hostel you recommended? Just flew out of my memo after I booked the flights. Thanks for all your help!

  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    Molly stayed at the Fort Mason Hostel which she liked if I remember right. Can't beat the location.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Yep, found that after posting, than
    Looking forward to the trip! Been ages since I was in SF!

  • molly1205molly1205 Lincoln, NebraskaSenior Member

    @dpm50 I'll see you at the hostel! It's a clean, comfortable and fun place to stay. It's a long walk up that steep hill after swimming, but well worth it for the price and location!


    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Just reserved Ft Mason! This is getting real! I'm getting nervous!

  • ChickenOSeaChickenOSea Charter Member

    I’m really excited to be back to the mothership, SERC!!!!!

  • @CathyInCA is bringing some extra towels so if you are coming from out of town, you needn't pack a ton. We'll have a basket in front of the stairs. Be sure to mark YOUR towel ( phone number and name).
    Dinner will be lasagne (again) salad ( again) and cheesecake (again). We will have a gluten free option and a vegetarian option but I just can't seem to get to vegan.
    The rest of the menu is being determined this weekend.
    Caps are ordered.

  • "Goody bags"-- I have - to be randomly distributed.. ONE entry to Swim the Suck..! Thank you @KarahNazor

    [Deleted User]ssthomasdpm50IronMikeJustSwimmsquyerCathyInCAMoCo
  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    suziedods said:
    "Goody bags"-- I have - to be randomly distributed.. ONE entry to Swim the Suck..! Thank you @KarahNazor

    A goal swim! Want to reach double digits this year!

  • @molly1205 has also donated an entry into the absolutely FUN and well organized Cornhusker Games Swim at Branched Oak Lake in Lincoln NE.
    It's super fun event, very low key and who knew ( if you didn't know Molly) that there was an open water community in NE? My sister and I had a great time last year.
    Swim Across America is donating some towels !
    The goody bags are going to be randomly "stuffed" so no idea who's going to get what.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member
    edited January 2018

    dpm50 said:

    suziedods said:
    "Goody bags"-- I have - to be randomly distributed.. ONE entry to Swim the Suck..! Thank you @KarahNazor

    A goal swim! Want to reach double digits this year!

    Just learned the price tag of StS. Going to have to hope I win a free entry, or find a different venue for a double digit swim. But OW is all about learning to be flexible!

  • Tasks for Friday- no, there's no google spread sheet. Show up and find a job or start chatting.
    From 2-4 ish.. I'll need help with the ever eclectic "goody bags".
    From 4-6 ish - sign in -waivers , name tags , emergency cards etc
    4-6- make a salad- reheat lasagna and make gluten free spaghetti- set tables
    after dinner- CLEAN UP- stash stuff and clean up.
    There will also be a tour of the clubs for those who haven't been there. We should be done by 8-8.30PM.
    Thanks! More to come

  • DanSimonelliDanSimonelli San Diego CASenior Member

    HAVE FUN!!! :-bd

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