South and Central America swims

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I'm trying to compile a list of open water swims in south and central America. I could use your help.

I'd like info on any open water swims in the countries of south and central America, mostly at the 5K and longer distances. Links, personal experiences, dates, etc.

I've done some searching and found a couple, but am not having luck finding much else. For the purposes of this list/calendar, I am not looking for swims organized in any of the Caribbean islands. That will probably be another calendar that I'll compile later.

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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  • Mike I used to do regular open water races when I lived in Brazil and they've become more popular after I left (?!). They tend to be on the shorter side of what we're used to due to being relatively late starters. It's difficult to track the races down, if I remember correctly there were a number of sources, for example
    If I come across more I'll post them.

    There are some cracking races down in Argentina as well but as with Brazil think you need to find someone local who has the sources.

    Good luck.

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