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Hi there,

I'm planning on organising and completing a 24 mile/24 hour swim at the start of August in an outdoor, sea water pool. This will be in preparation for a September channel swim. I intend to swim one mile on the hour every hour for 24 hours. Any advice from anyone who has completed this type of event before would be greatly apprciated.

Many thanks



  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    I did it last year, started about 9am (indoor chlorine-free pool though, no outdoor pools here). It was fun because a few of us did it together. I made sure to shower off after every mile. The small hours were the toughest as you actually get more tired because you are getting a break but it was good training. I didn't use any Maxim just real food.

    Note: if you are left in the pool by yourself for the night, make sure that any music that's playing on the PA doesn't repeat the same. five. songs. for 10 hours!


  • Hi Steve,
    I am also doing such a swim early next year (in a chlorinated pool). I posted a question on these forums a few months back, and got some interesting responses (http://www.marathonswimmers.org/forum/discussion/41/24-hour-swim-in-the-pool/p1).

    One poster is particular made a comment about all their hair falling out from the chlorine.
  • ColmBreathnachColmBreathnach Charter Member
    I did one last year in an indoor chlorinated pool. The swimming is actually the easy bit, contrary to what one would expect. I anticipated being stiff and sore throughout as there was no warmup before each mile, but it appeared that I just stayed warmed up for the 30 mins or so between miles. Each mile was swum at a steady pace, no mad stuff. The goal was just to get to the end, not crashing and burning after 12 hours or so.

    Managing yourself between the swims is the key. Quickly establish a routine. This worked for me: finish swim, out of pool immediately, into shower, baby oil afterwards to stop your skin from drying out, get dressed, small amount of food, lie down and rest (outdoors if possible), get up a few mins before the next off, straight into togs, and into the pool.

    Quite a few struggled with chlorine issues, the usual cough, wheeze etc and had to stop. I was ok for the swim, but was wheezy the next day.

    You will probably nod off during your brief rest period, but thats ok. Just give yourself enough time to wake up and get changed.

    One thing that hit me was my face drying out.
    Although i put baby oil on the rest of my body, (being a man) I did nothing to my face and it started to dry and crack after a while. Perhaps vaseline or something similar would be a good idea.

    The small hours were the hardest, in the dark before the dawn, 3 + 4 AM. That was probably the biggest benefit I got from it, keeping going when you're tired, weary, sleep deprived, rather than the actual distance swam.

    Once the sun came up it got magically easier.

    I'd love to do one in the sea.....
  • HaydnHaydn Member
    Why not just do a 24 hour swim?
  • ColmBreathnachColmBreathnach Charter Member
    cos its hard?
  • SteveSteve Member
    Good answer.
    Thanks for all of your responses.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    Haydn, your previous report of chlorine burning all the hair off your body is a pretty good reason!


  • njoynjoy Member
    Although i put baby oil on the rest of my body, (being a man) I did nothing to my face and it started to dry and crack after a while.

    ColmBreathnach: I've had great success with a product called DermaSwim Pro. It has saved my poor face. And it comes in a manly blue tube, so you're safe there too.
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