New MSF Documented Swim - Tiffany McQueen - Coronado Island

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Congratulations to Tiffany McQueen @TMcQueen for her swim around Coronado Island in San Diego. And well-done to her support / documentation team of @DanSimonelli, Cathy Harrington, and John McQueen.

Tiffany, who serves in the Army, did this swim on December 7 in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. They did a great job with the documentation - not just a log but lots of photos, a narrative report, a GPS track, a tide chart, and other nice little details. Love it!

Tiffany McQueen - Around Coronado Island - MSF Documented Swim

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  • DanSimonelliDanSimonelli San Diego CASenior Member

    It was a beautiful swim.
    Going under the Coronado Bridge all lit up; all the bright downtown city lights in the dark early morning; Majestic sunrise!!
    Circling around the jetty on the ocean side… with the full view of the beaches and the Hotel Del Coronado.
    Tiffany cruised it all like a champ.
    Awesomely awesome!

  • CathyInCACathyInCA Martinez, CAMember

    The best part of the swim was Tiffany standing on the beach when her military ID was shown to the Security Patrol. She was in her swimsuit (red, white and blue stars and stripes) and wearing a stars and stripes sweatshirt as she has just gotten out of the water. The Security Patrol guy asks "Whose ID is this?" Tiffany answers "Mine" and he squares off and salutes her...swimsuit and all! Loved every minute kayaking this swim. Tiffany was smiling the entire swim!

  • IronMikeIronMike BostonCharter Member

    Great report!


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